Monday, July 14, 2014

weekending | pinehurst + the peery wedding

friday was a whirlwind. 

i got to meet up with a good girlfriend for a early dinner at vahalla pub before making the two hour trip up to the pinehurst area for the weekend. georgia introduced me to this hidden(?) area of uptown & it's one of my favorite spots mainly because of the lights that are strung between restaurant to restaurant.

lee had been at a work conference in pinehurst since thursday = amanda being terrified of staying at home alone. yeah, i'm a big wuss, but whatever. because we had a wedding to go to on saturday in seven lakes, nc - which is only 15 minutes away from pinehurst - i headed up afterward to the holly inn.

talk about gorgeous; although this hotel, built in 1895, has rumors of being haunted & a secret 5th floor. that of which we eventually found after a few drinks gave us courage. we didn't have any ghost encounters (praise the Lord), but one of lee's co-workers thought it would be cool to hide in said 5th floor and freak us all out with a flashlight while we were exploring. being gullible wins, once again. 

does this not kinda sorta resemble the amityville horror house from that freakin' crazy movie? it's all i could think about.

and then i had the brunch of a lifetime on saturday morning. two eggs, four pieces of toast, a big bowl of grits, three cups of coffee & literally nine pieces of bacon.

all of which i ate about 1/8th of. who eats this much for breakfast? regardless it was amazing & even more cool that i got to eat it in pajamas. pajamas are hands down my favorite outfit.

lee and i headed out to dugans pub for lunch & a drink where i recreated a bride and groom. i'm creative? i know. a suit for the groom & a (super low) veil for the bride before we headed to the chapel. stupid humor always wins in my book. 

the ceremony was short & sweet just like any awesome wedding is. can't lie; i told you i would tear up. but when someone who's been a part of your life for so long finally marries her person, you'd tear up too out of happiness. 

corey's bridal pictures at the reception were absolutely breathtaking, but that's just what to be expected when you have gorgeous friends. 

i got to catch up with old college friends and see some faces i haven't seen in a while. the reception was almost like a college reunion! we even joke that our high school reunion was in two years or so. let me tell you, when you realize your ten year high school reunion is in two years it really puts into perspective how old you are getting. 

regardless, these are the times of my life so far and i am so blessed to get to spend it with people who mean so much to me. 

i was there when adam & corey started dating. and i'm so glad i was able to be a part of the day where they tied their love together forever. we love you guys!

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