Monday, July 21, 2014

weekending | science, mojitos, & wine tasting.

on friday, i got to head over to discovery place & check out their "science on the rocks" event. get it? science... on the rocks. like drinks on the rocks. but rocks are also science. i love a good punny event name!
katie (champagne & suitecases) and i arrived at the event a little before 6pm to see what it was all about. typically a children's museum, discovery place transformed it into an adult party. we got to interact with their exhibits, which included a bed of nails.  have a look:

other than me being completely freaked out/yet still thinking it's cool, there was a woman walking around with a snake on her arm. snakes and i aren't necessarily friends, so i basically tried to duck behind katie whenever she came around. discovery place also has an awesome "rainforest" room which included a walk through net all tarzan-like. after the event, we decided to walk down & check out this amazing thai food, basil. i had the best pineapple mojito of my life.

i had the pleasure of watching franny for the weekend, so i headed home to spend some time with her and give her a bath. side note: franny hates baths.

i mean, really hates baths. yet loves red dirt. it doesn't add up.
i headed back up to check out the epicenter scene with danielle & morgan + their men. we started and ended the night at black finn dancing to usher's yeah! & singing journey's don't stop believin' at the top of our lungs because that's what white women do when they go out.

saturday was a whole other party. a party so much that it deserves it's own post. a friend of mine, amanda, asked if i wanted to try out this wine tasting she found, and it's pretty obvious what i said, so we headed over to the south park area & did just that.
i'll save most of the details, so check back later this week because you're going to want to do this. trust the fellow wine-o in me, okay? for now, i'll leave you with this.

sunday was spent binge watching gossip girl. i really have nothing else to say about sunday, because that's all i did. that's sad.
can't wait to see y'all tomorrow for #trending tuesday!
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