Monday, August 25, 2014

a cabin with a view.

to those who are eagerly awaiting to hear, the freakin' cabin supplied toilet paper! can you believe that? also, don't go to wal-mart in tennessee with hopes to buy wine. tennessee has this super cool rule that they don't sell it there.
so what did we do all weekend you ask? we never left the cabin once.  mainly because there was a death trap of a hill to climb that was probably a good {insert whatever number would be impressive} angle. turning the car around almost looked like the car was tipping over heading down the mountain. so located at the tippy top was our home for all eight of us for the weekend. 

we all got unpacked and into our rooms. there were three stories to the house - each with patio decks off of the bedrooms overlooking the mountains. on the top floor was the master bed & bath; the second floor was our room, bathroom, living area, dining area & kitchen; on the bottom floor was two more bedrooms/bath, a game room with a pool table & a hottub out on the back porch.
lee and i had a crazy cool view which i proceeded to do a balancing act on the rounded posts with all of the drinks i had that weekend. what i would have done if my coffee mug took a tumble down the mountain, i don't know. luckily it didn't.

we ate good. steaks the first night, a huge brunch on late saturday morning and a build your own sub sandwiches later that evening. we sipped champagne, played cards against humanity & even battled through a crazy tournament of beer pong with double elimination. it was really nice just retreating to a cabin where we had nothing to do and all day to do it.

we insisted on doing a selfie of all 8 of us and since lee has the longest arms known to man, he was volunteered to do so. and i know you're thinking - oh man, in the mountains the temperatures must have been perfect upper 60s with a cool brisk breeze in the .... NO. it was upper 80s/lower 90s the whole time.
i am an idiot for packing only fall clothing.
saturday night ended with us girls all sleepover style watching movies & the boys downstairs playing pool.

we're already thinking of our next spot within driving distance to travel. perhaps charleston in the fall? any thoughts? 
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