Friday, August 1, 2014

a new instagram project: the blogger closet.

happy august! here is my favorite thing to introduce this week on friday!
let's just preface this with i've had some wine last night as i wrote this.
i'd like to tell you about a different idea i came up with that i'm hoping you would love it just as much as me. i've developed a love for fashion blogging & expressing myself through what i wear. isn't it so fun? you feel so glamorous for a day & everyone seems to love what you have put together. and instagramming your looks is even MORE fun. those instagram filters are the best thing to happen to my pale legs.  

after seeing the awesome way bloggers can connect with each other from the jar's idea with her blog baton, i decided i wanted to create something branching off that idea, but bringing fashion as the forefront focus. & connecting those who have a passion for clothes to one location.

i love #wiw (what i wore) & #ootd posts. seeing the fashion combos from other bloggers is what inspires my own looks! #ootd stands for outfit of the day by the way, in case you're like lee & thought it stood for one of those days. which is surprisingly genius of him to come up with on the spot, right? you could instagram a picture of your flat tire, or spilling coffee down your shirt or your bad hair day & hashtag #ootd.... one of those days & the world would understand that you have had better mornings. i date a smart man, i tell ya.

anyway, since we all love sharing the looks we create, i have came up with The Blogger Closet via instagram.

here's how things will go down:

you will be given access to The Blogger Closet on instagram for 3 full days. you & i will communicate to arrange the dates that work within a schedule. 

why 3 days? because i would like to capture the most fashion looks from you that describe you as possible! 3 days = 3 different looks. or if you're feeling super trendy, just have a wardrobe change before you head out to dinner with a friend, snap a picture, & create 6 different looks for the followers to check out while you have The Blogger Closet. the best thing is, is the choice is completely up to you as this reflects your personal style. definitely be sure to tag your own instagram account at the end of the caption so others can find you, your blog & follow along. what you have instagrammed on your personal account, you can definitely share there.
take a picture of your necklace; then another of your earrings. do a full body shot of you holding your morning coffee; or feature a snapshot of your favorite heels. instagram individual pieces or one as a whole for every outfit for the three days. pajamas are included. pajamas are what i wear 75% of the time so how can they not be included?

have an outfit you took a picture of the day before having control of The Blogger Closet? post that too! the more different looks the better. 

search @thebloggercloset & follow along. now for the rules...


Rules (are made to be broken, but please follow):

- you'll get 3 days with access to the instagram. post whatever piece of clothing you would like! please limit to around 10 posts a day, if you choose to have that many.

- follow The Blogger Closet on your own personal instagram account so you can see what others post & interact with them while you are in control.

- please follow yourself while you have access so future closet go-ers can see what you've posted since. that being said, please include your personal instagram username in parenthesis at the end of every post followed by #thebloggercloset.

- if you can, please "tag" the boutique or clothing store where you purchased your item. multiple stores even! i think this is a great way to get other followers to find new shops {via instagram} and ideas how to mix & match & style pieces from different stores. this isn't mandatory, but optional & highly recommended.

- please share this in your blog! while you are the owner of the account, definitely let your readers know that you're posting over on instagram for the three days so they can see your looks & potentially be featured later!

- please do not alter the features or post any content that's inappropriate. any thing deemed worthy of removing will be removed.

i encourage you in interact with those who participate because what fun would this be if you didn't find new bloggers to follow & have the opportunity of new eyes on your own site? i've added some of my own looks to the instagram so you can see what i'm talking about. and if you want, my instagram is @agcrute and i would love to know you found me via The Blogger Closet, so please let me know!

i can't wait to see your fashion looks and get this project underway & i need starter bloggers! that means you. :) 

simply email me at to sign up for your three days! feel free to enter as many times as you want as all submissions will be on a first come first serve basis. please include your name, blog URL, instagram account name, and three words that you think sums up your personal style.

i cannot wait to hear from you!

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