Thursday, August 21, 2014

all dolled up.

i feel like i look the same everyday. same foundation. same mascara i've been using for years. same kinda weird lashes. and chapstick.
honestly i don't wear a lot of make up to work. mainly because i don't get up in enough time before i have to leave. hey, priorities. lee makes sure to say "you look pretty today, baby." since just a little foundation + mascara is good with him, it's good with me.
however, when a girl is contacted by charlotte's new LALA girl makeup lounge to come play pretty, pretty princess on her lunch break, you better bet she's taking the opportunity.

the lala girl is in park road shopping center near south park of charlotte. it hasn't been opened that long but the head makeup artist has spent the last 15 years in LA - and she is talented!
this was my first time getting my make up done for real. (we're not including the time i got it done for prom & the "artist" from back home smothered my eyes in royal blue & black eye shadow only for me to start crying when i got home, washed it all off, & re-did it myself. i was a dramatic kid.) of course i asked for a "wedding" look, because well, for a lack of a better word, duh.
so i sat down, ready to begin the airbrush application.

she prefaced me by saying "you can breathe while i airbrush." for amateurs like me, this is something you have to inform me of. i was over there holding my breath. it's really different, but what i like about airbrushing it's definitely not as much makeup on your face as the average joe would believe. it's light, airy (hence AIRbrush), and stayed on until i washed it off later that night. 

again, i'm not a selfie master by any means. usually my selfies are to make fun of myself. but with just a hint of a smokey eye, a semi-nude lip & fake lashes (yes! fake lashes! they are now my obsession) i was all set. it was such a fun experience to get all dolled up for a day. don't judge my #carselfie, but i had to showcase the amazing work of this place.

lashes for days, y'all. i am contemplating even wanting more. the lala girl and i joked that if we could have on thing to bring onto survivor, it would be mascara. forget knives, or pitching tents, or any of that other camping junk... we need lashes. plus perform well in the challenges and the survivor crew tosses you some campefire wood. i highly doubt they'd sling you some mascara.

i could see my girls and i doing this before the wedding or just for something fun to do before going out. and if you've ever tried to apply fake eyelashes yourself, bless your heart. have a professional do it. also opt for the individual ones - i couldn't even tell these babies were on. 

{side note: don't judge me, but i'm totally going to be wearing this gingham shirt this weekend in pigeon forge. i know, i know. my rule of taking a picture in something & not wearing it for 3 months can't apply here because this shirt is amazing.}

so charlotte ladies, check out the lala girl - tell them i sent ya! your inner princess will be happy.
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