Thursday, August 28, 2014

old navy for fall.

growing up my dad called it "old gravy." i seriously have zero idea why he called it this, but it always made me shy away from shopping there. also at the time daddy was paying for my clothes and i was an american eagle/abercrombie snob. stupid teenagers.
however, this almost 26 year old now pays her own way and has real things like rent, a power bill, a cell phone bill, and has to fill up her car with gas more times than makes her happy.
so "old gravy" ain't so bad anymore. actually old navy is kinda the bomb. after reading lovely kaitlin's (the sequined spatula) post today about what old navy is doing for the fall, i commented on it jokingly at first saying i was heading on over to their website.
except the joking turned into for real and some how i ended up swiping my debit card for an online purchase. dang it.
BUT i got some awesome stuff for fall. here's the pieces that i picked out and i couldn't believe their price! old gravy you are killin' it!
Women's Floral Gauze ScarvesWomen's Elbow-Sleeve Jersey DressesWomen's Gauze Diamond-Pattern Scarves
Women's The Pixie Skinny-Ankle PantsWomen's Plaid Flannel ShirtsWomen's Sueded Pointed-Toe Flats
Women's Graphic Slub-Knit TeesWomen's Striped Hooded PulloversWomen's Quilted Tweed Vests
floral scarf | striped dress | camel & white scarf |
polka dot pants | plaid shirt | burgandy flats | holy chic tee |
striped hoodie | tweed vest
i'm big into plaid this season and i've never been a plaid girl. just like i was big into floral this spring & i'd never been a floral girl. what the heck, amanda. some of these shirts were as little as $6. $6!!!! a lot of these are on their 'labor of love' sale going on until monday.
i bought a pair of patterned pants from old navy about a few months ago and when i saw these polka dot ones, i didn't need much convincing. work pants that feel like pj's? k.
and this vest. at $39 and the most expensive thing on this list. i call that a good deal. so thanks, kaitlin, you just made my day.  
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