Friday, August 29, 2014

the countdown begins.

friday! it's so lovely to see you. i have some super awesome news today and why you're my favorite this week!

this morning i told lee "happy negative anniversary!" because one year from today, we will be mr. & mrs. walker. how surreal is that people?

that's a picture from the night we met. you have no clue how much i treasure the fact that i have a picture of the very moment we started. apologies for the poor quality. we had had a long day & the lighting in brazwells wasn't the greatest. this is actually sam mills (former panther's player) son!

and to think back then, i thought he was just some guy at brazwell's pub. and come to think of it, i've never really told the story of how we met.

long story short: we met in a bar. and are the very few people to have that work out.

long story long: it was saturday, april 27, 2013 & i had gotten up early to fix breakfast for one of my girlfriends, katie, as she was coming into town and we were heading out to the panthers fan fest with another friend of mine (and now bridesmaid!), allyson. after day drinking and enjoying spending time with each other, we headed home to nap & redo it again that night. after all, i was a single lady!
all of the girls got together uptown at blackfinn and for some odd reason that i still remember to this day, i looked at katie and said 'i want to go to brazwells.' so in a cab we got. i walked in and ended up seeing three guys that i had gotten to know over the past year, so we walked up to say hello. after talking & drinking something called a bear claw {which is insane, by the way}, a guy walked up alone, tapped one of the guys on the shoulder and said hey! i turned around to see who he was talking to and that was the first time i saw my future husband.
we were introduced and immediately started talking. lee says i kept talking about my madden & ncaa football play station 3 skills and he couldn't believe i knew that O meant the spin move. hey, i grew up with a brother. you learn those things.
we went our separate ways and the next morning, this number was still texting me and sent me the picture you see above. well, we already have a picture together, he said. as he kept texting me, i realized i couldn't remember the poor guys name! how embarassing is that. someone joked that i should ask him how to spell his name because i wanted to save it in my phone, and praise the Lord i didn't because there's only ONE way to spell the guy version of L E E. he asked me out on a date the next wednesday, may 1st, where we grabbed a few drinks. one date lead to two lead to three lead to four and just like that, two and a half weeks after we met, we were dating officially.

our fourth date was the date that got me. we watched the movie 'no strings attached' and i mentioned how loved the fact that ashton kutcher planned an itinerary for their date. within a few days, lee told me to check my email. there sat an itinerary titled "super saturday." he had arranged for us to get lunch, drive up and play putt-putt, race go-karts, and then he drove me around the other parts of charlotte that i'd never seen. we later ended dinner at cabo fish taco and a movie at his place. the itinerary even included times! it was hands down the most thoughful date i've ever had.
it had been three years or so since i had a boyfriend before lee and wanted it that way. i took time to really figure out who i was and what i wanted in someone. so the girl who always thought she wanted to wait months before making something official, now was smitten after two and a half weeks. love can do crazy things.
so about a year and a half or so later, after moving in together, here we are. one year from today, we will be getting married. and i cannot wait!!
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