Thursday, August 14, 2014

the life of francesca told by francesca.

so i'm not sure if some of you know, but i have a dog.
well, technically no i don't. i consider myself a dog aunt though as she lives with us and i swear this dog is human. so human that she wanted to take over the blog today and introduce herself. she's such a diva sometimes.


bark, woof y'all. i'm francesca. jared (dad), hannah (mom), & lee (uncle) call me franny most of the time. amanda has really strange names for me though. she occasionally calls me franny pack, badeekey, fran crazy, franchecky and god knows what else that her brain comes up with. it's really weird.

here's one of the first pictures amanda ever took with me. when lee started dating her, she would come rub me before she would kiss him hello. mainly because i always tried to tackle her when she came into the door, so the "rub" may have been a "please don't jump on my white pants" gesture. but regardless, she's really into pictures of me.

heres when i want to get my party on. the guys have people over all the time but i never get to dress up. it sucks always having to wear black, you know. i've overdone the "little black dress" one too many times. this night i drank too much {water} and ended up with beads. water wasted we called it. & technically i'm only 2 years old which relates to 14 years in the human world. possibly a little young for beads. oops.

ugh. this was the next day. i need sunglasses & advil. last night was mad real.

i'm also a picture hog. i can't help it; selfies are my jam. amanda and lee were trying to get one together and NOPE. surprise! we were on the way to the beach and i was excited. they kept talking about this big water place and sand and my frisbee.

speaking of the frisbee, it's my best friend. when my humans get home, the first thing i want to do is go outside and pee with my frisbee in my mouth. it just doesn't feel like a genuine pee without it! girls are supposed to go to the bathroom with their bff right? i don't see why this is weird and lee is always looking at me funny trying to take my picture. how rude.

i have another friend too. not my best friend, but it's a close second. it's my ball. i will run myself dead chasing this thing. what briars? what poison oak? what red mud? i don't care. i just want you to throw the ball. the ball. BALL. throw it. don't fake throw. omg throw. BALL. ball. now. please? ball.

and then i'm dead.

i also love summer. sunbathing isn't really the best for me because i'm already black as night. actually i also get pretty hot too, but this day was the best day of the summer. we had thrown the ball about 57 times, and the frisbee and i actually peed together. i got some treats because i barked when amanda said speak & i pretended to die when amanda yelled BANG & pointed her finger gun at me. why she jokes about this being a trick, i don't know. seems kinda harsh. whatever, i got beef jerky & the wind was blowing.

after all that running around, i had to have a bath. i hate baths. i despise baths honestly. it's cold, i'm shivering, the shampoo gets in my eyes, i lose A TON of hair, and when they dry me with a towel, my coat is never right. but then i'm all clean and beautiful and pretty much a model with my legs crossed.

amanda also drinks wine. why on earth she thinks i want it is beyond me. she is always taking pictures with me & the wine trying to make me look jealous. news flash! i'm not. honestly, i'm just hoping she gives me more beef jerky and a few more party beads.

in the winter, they keep it cold in the house. but because i live with amanda, i have to stay fashionable & have learned how to pose and gaze off into the distance even in snow. told you i'm a model.

and then there are the times i just stare at her.

for a long time.

for no reason at all.

could you please get out of the bed? it's 8:30am on saturday!

...whatever. i'm getting cheese fries.

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