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trending tuesday | DIY with wine corks.

i mean hello. this blog literally has my pick for this week's trending tuesday topic in its name! 

it's no secret that i am not a DIY person. i want to be so, so badly! i see so many of you posting about how you took this old run-down dresser & turned into a turquoise, refinished masterpiece. or how you took a 1979 chair and put new fabric on to turn it into something pottery barn would showcase.

but me? no. i can barely paint walls straight. however, we drink a lot of wine in our household. and i hate to see all those wine corks go to waste. so what does a white girl do on a monday night when she has nothing else better to do other than working out because that sounds terrible?

find way to turn drinking the $10 wines & using the leftovers to turn into cool things to hang around a future home. here are a few that catch my eye via pinterest

Wine Cork Necklace Rack by WhatShipsAreBuiltFor on EtsyWine cork backsplash
Wine Cork Cork Boardbird house made with corks
Top 5 Pins: Wine Cork Crafts

i recently asked my roommates and other friends to start keeping the wine corks because i have decided to seriously attempt many DIY projects for the wedding next august. and before i you say anything, i know. i'm crazy. why on earth would someone who sucks at DIY ever consider to do something DIY for this important of a day? ...i've already admitted to being crazy, so i don't have another solution for you. 

our colors will range from blushes to light purples so amen for me recently getting into red wines! these wines stain the bottom of the cork which gives an array of color as seen in the heart project above. 

so what's my biggest project with the wine corks? table numbers. 

Wine Cork Table Numbers Great for Weddings or by KrystlesWeddings, $9.50

honestly, i was always the bride who would preach 'pick a seat; we're all family' or whatever cliche phrase they have going on whenever i get married. but due to the nature of our venue, they have asked us to come up with seating arrangements. so insert my pinterest inspired wine cork table numbers.  

it turns out i drink a lot of wine so this project is right up my alley. i figure i could get a hot glue gun & go to town making numbers. it can't be that hard........ right? i say that now, but come three months before the wedding i'm going to be screaming to you all how the hot glue gun burned my finger & how none of my numbers actually resemble, you know, ...numbers. 

so when it all comes down to it, at least i know i can do something like this if it completely sucks...

Wine cork table numbers. Empty bottles, depending on the bottle could put something in them.

what did you do that was DIY? have you ever done something crazy cool with wine corks non-wedding related? i really want to invest in a super cute box or bowl to keep my corks so if anyone wants to buy that, that would be awesome. my birthday is next month. the 19th the be exact...so yeah. 

hey, throwing out ideas here because i am desperately need ideas from you.
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