Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#trending tuesday | red lips + red florals

first of all, we went all #yolo in today's post. and when i say we, i really mean lee, because his back was the one to the oncoming cars while snapping all the pics & i had to yell "car!" before we shuffled off the road for it to pass by. 

hey, the blog > chance of getting hit by a car. 

i'm totally kidding. kind of, at least. we found a "no outlet" street right down the road from our house which was perfect. only 4 cars had to dodge us. 

anyway, let's get to the point of the post. back when i had sippin' saturday, i ran into a boutique in the south park area to avoid the rain, called the impeccable pig. they say there's this thing called fate, right? well fate is what we're calling this. this boutique has all kinds of clothes that made my eyes light up even bigger than that heart eyed emoji. 

they have such awesome pieces that you can transform into fall such as this paired with dark skinnies & a scarf. or this paired with a camel riding boots. but my favorite piece right now is this dress i'm wearing. it fits in slightly at the waist, but has such a fun flare to it and would be perfect for date night. for taller girls like me, it's not too short as this is always key when i look for dresses. being almost 26 years old means no booty dress. i'm not sure if that ever should be allowed at any age.

the blossom dress: the impeccable pig | necklace: francesca's | sunglasses: rayban | watch: michael kors | shoes: h&m 

i'm loving this look because you can easily pair it with a light cardigan, belt, black tights & ankle boots as the temperatures get lower. i'm so all about pieces that flow from season to season while mix & matching. 

i also have partnered with the impeccable pig to talk about an event we are doing on august 13th from 6pm-8pm at the south park location in charlotte. we will have snacks & drinks for you to sip on while you shop. who doesn't love wine? some people. who doesn't love free wine? nobody. & you follow me, so i know you have vino in a special place in your heart. in addition to that, all customers are offered 20% off all regular priced merchandise! if the wine didn't get you, i know the discount will. i would love if you came and saw myself & katie on the 13th because we will be there. if you have any questions, email me! 

so, what are your trending tuesday picks? remember, it can be absolutely anything in your life. your favorite song, why you choose to see miley cyrus in concert, your favorite show, your best friend, the best mac & cheese you've ever made, or why training for a half marathon is cool. 

it's time to link up!  join zelle at a southern style, katie at champagne & suitcases, and kristina at medicine & manicures, and myself every tuesday to chat about what's #trending in your world! i can't wait to see your looks.
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