Thursday, August 7, 2014

we are engaged! | the story.

two days prior:
lee: baby, when are you getting your nails done next?
me: umm, why? soon? are they bad? i'll go this week.
lee: ok. cool.

lee knows i am an obsessive planner. every event, i prefer to have a when, where, who, & why. so when he mentioned my nails, my brain started turning. were my nails that bad that he was embarassed? or could it know?!
i was in the nail salon the next day.
last night i got home at around 5:45, greeted with kiss, a bouquet of flowers & informed there was a theme to "date night." i'm calling it a trip down memory lane, he said. he told me to sit at the dining table as handed me a plate of stuffed peppers, which was the very first meal he ever cooked for me over a year ago. i'm recreating this for you tonight, he said.
when we first started dating, lee hated wine. i knew i had to make him come around so all we used to drink was barefoot moscato, aka sugar water. but in the light of the theme, he poured me a glass of moscato saying recreating these times wouldn't be the same without this wine.

i blushed. dinner was delicious as it was the first time i had it. he told me we were heading somewhere, but wouldn't say the location, but i had ten minutes to get ready. so to the bathroom i went only to see this.

ok, i thought. lee is always sweet, but this is like really, really sweet. moscato sweet. we headed to the car where all of my favorite taylor swift songs were playing. if you know me personally, you know this meant a lot.
he drove me to the montford area of charlotte, to brazwells pub, where we first met on april 27th last year and had our first date on may 1st last year as well. my excitement started building and tears formed in my eyes. no big deal, i'm a huge emotional person. he took me inside to the spot where we met & we recreated our first date. every detail was planned. i loved it.

we got back in the car and drove uptown to the westin charlotte hotel parking deck, right at the spot that he dropped me off at my car for our second date. we shared our first kiss here. he snatched a couple of kisses from me then & we were off to the final destination. independence park.

this is where i got confused. brazwells, ok. westin hotel, ok. independence park? did we come here and i don't remember? we got out of the car & walked a little ways into the park through sidewalks holding hands & talking. lee was saying some of the sweetest things to me and i'm pretty sure i stopped breathing.
the trees opened up to the most gorgeous view of the charlotte skyline at sunset. we stopped in awe of its beauty & lee says do you remember this spot? and i said you're freaking me out. he said haha, but amanda, do you remember this spot? and i said no, baby, i don't.
and he said well you will now, because this is the very spot i'm going to ask you to spend your life with me. he got down on one knee, opened up the most gorgeous ring & asked me to marry him.
hey, waterworks.

through the tears of joy from both of our eyes, he said look over there. and there. and there. his brother & two of our other friends, jj & amanda, were croutched down in the bushes capturing the moment. these are a few that they got.

God could have not picked a better man for me to spend my life with. we are both so excited and i can't wait to share more with you all about our wedding in the upcoming year. lee, i love you with all of my heart and i'm so excited to soon be your wife!

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