Wednesday, August 20, 2014

where we will say 'i do!'

i proooooomise i am not turning this blog into a wedding blog. because seriously, what would i do after the wedding? wedding talk has almost been in my mouth like word vomit {insert mean girls reference here}. is this a normal thing to happen when you get engaged? here you are talking about what you want for dinner - hey baby, chicken or steak for dinner? ... hmmm, chicken or steak sounds like good options for the wedding. hey, should we do chicken or steak at the wedding? - like, it's bad. but i'm trying.

anyway, i'm excited to say we have picked a venue and i couldn't be happier with it. lee and i will be getting married at 6:00pm on august 29, 2015!!

i have texted this to a close amount of people and wrote 'our date is august 29, 2014!' - i've gotten some weird responses back, before i realized my mistake and out of habit, writing 2014 instead of 2015, but i swear at the rate i'm going, this thing will be all planned by mid-september.

i'm not at all worried about sharing these pictures because you can basically find all of this on their website. i even went as far and googled is it bad luck to blog about your venue & no releated search returns happened. our day will look different from this with all the ideas we have anyway!

so where are we having it, you ask? well let me take you on a fairytale tour of the lovely estate otherwise known as the alexander homestead.

i used to to drive by this place every day on the way to work and never knew it was there. i felt like a big ol' dummy mapping directions to the estate even though i knew exactly where i was. it's about 15 minutes tops from uptown and extremely hidden.

i know what you're thinking. amanda, why on earth are you doing an outdoor ceremony in august? well, maybe because i'm crazy. or maybe because this was one of the last dates the homestead had available in all of next year during prime season. or maybe i think august 29th is basically september 1 and if i said september, you wouldn't think of the crazy heat. or maybe because i know our ceremony will last all of 20 minutes and then our guests will be escorted into the air-conditioned barn for a dang good time with food and drinks.

coming from someone who swore up and down that she'd never do an outdoor wedding OR a barn reception, this is weird for me. but the AH estate was the first venue i contacted and the first (and only) venue we toured. when we we walking into the ceremony location, the speakers were playing an instrumental version of what i want our first dance to be. i was sold. lee even said he loved it; which is huge for a guy to make a comment on something wedding related. since i actually got the ok from him; we had to make moves.

for those of you who had outdoor ceremonies/receptions - did you worry about rain? 

although our venue does have a back up and that's reason number 9239432 why i love them, i'd love to hear how you planned around that. please help a sista out who is currently praying all day everyday.

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