Monday, August 4, 2014

weekending | i suck at games.

shocker alert: we finally stayed in charlotte for the weekend. 

friday, we headed over to our friends, amanda & jj's, place for dinner & games. it's funny how more and more weekends pass and i am completely okay with not going out to a crowded bar both nights. or even for one night. am i growing up? dang it, i'm growing up.

we played a game called malarky which basically forced you to come up with BS on the spot. you're asked questions that the answers aren't typically known such as: why are there 18 holes in golf? or why are the pipes under a bathroom sink bent? and you have to make up an answer trying to convince the group that yours is right. 

i completely suck at this game. my "reason" that the pipes are bent was to prevent rust. yes, rust. because bathroom pipes are made of plastic. plastic doesn't rust, amanda. {insert facepalm}. another question was "why do beavers build dams?" and i said "because they're the best dam(n) builder around." ...see why i lost?

on a happy note, i guess that means i'm not a good liar! 

we had spinach & artichoke dip in a bread bowl & some amazing homemade watermelon margaritas. 

saturday we woke up & lee made me an amazing breakfeast. no, not breakfast - breakFEAST. the kid can cook, no joke. as i write this post on sunday, he currently has chicken wings slow cooking in the crockpot. yum. 

liverpool & ac milan took on each other at the bank of america stadium so we headed to tailgate for that. the boys actually had tickets, but the girls were there just to hang out. i had a yummy blueberry beer that matched my nails because it was freezing in charlotte on saturday! a drizzle of rain here & there and temps in the 60s. i think anything under 75 degrees is freezing. the soccer picture is courtesy of lee.

also be alarmed: my nails aren't painted. what is wrong with me? 

i don't watch soccer, so when it was time for the boys to go into the stadium, jj, amanda & i went and grabbed a burger at the liberty. a burger with pimento cheese & crunchy chips? it's a good thing calories don't count on the weekends because i just realized 100% of my food pictures have contained bread & a carb overload.

reminder: i need to run this week. 

later that evening, we headed over to ten park lanes to do a little bowling & i proved to myself that that was the second game of the weekend where i sucked. i think i bowled a 60. or maybe a 40. i already am terrible at bowling, but add in a few tequila sunrises & my skills quickly plummet even lower. luckily, bowling is one of those games where it's fun to play even if you throw gutter ball after gutter ball. 

ten park lanes isn't your typical bowling alley. i swear that place is like the smorgasbord of bowling alleys. they have a dj, a dance floor, corn hole, ping pong, and more people than all of the other surrounding bars in the montford area. good thing the place is a huge because i could think of several five hundred thousand things to do besides standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers.

 there were about 12 of us there so we had a posse. 

there is never a dull moment with these boys.

sunday was spent with blair, chuck, serena, dan, vanessa, & jenny. if you don't get this reference, we can't be friends. also devouring my body weight in this amazing dip. gahhh, it is so good.

 i hope to catch y'all tomorrow with our trending tuesday link up! tootles! 
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