Monday, August 11, 2014

weekending | it's never too early to plan.

what a whirlwind of a weekend! i'm still on cloud 9 ... times 2 to the 3rd power about our engagement  and the overwhelming love we have received. 

friday night, the walkers gave us a mini party & invited over their long time friends, the millers, for some celebrations, dessert & wine. honestly, y'all, i couldn't ask for a better set of future in-laws. i adore every part of lee's mom, dad, & brother and i'm so excited they did this for us! we are headed home this coming saturday to see my parents too! i can't wait to see them & start this fun process we have coming for us. 

saturday, allyson, taylor, amanda & i took a trip up to treehouse vineyards. lee and i went there last year & the wines were just as sweet then as they are now. my favorite part is the wineorita. margarita + wine? could it get any cooler? we sipped on wine, laughed at the ones that were terrible, and had a super relaxing saturday.

saturday night, the boys had a fantasy football draft. we had 4 guys in the basement of taylor & seans house using google hangouts to draft with about 6 other guys that are in their league. 

back in the day, i played fantasy & weirdly enough, made it to the playoffs. the 'crute crushers' clearly depended on eeny, meeny, miney, moe for which players were to be drafted on my team. but now they have auctions where you bid on a player.... too much work for my mind. give me some appetizers & football on a sunday, and i'm good to go. so pumped football is back! 

amanda & jj gave us (and by us, i mean me, because lee didn't see any of this wine) a celebratory bottle of wine & the cutest hand crafted wine holder. you guys, i have felt so loved and so blessed the past few days. it's sinking in, i guess. 

on sunday, lee and i have narrowed down a date and a venue! i'm going to wait to explain more of this later. the venue we visited, we both completely fell in love with. it's a perfect dream of what i have envisioned since he popped the question; and let me tell you, it's completely different from anything else i had visioned before.

here's a little sneak: 

the grounds of this location are beautiful and magical. i can't wait to marry the love of my life here! i guess you could say my heart is so set on it. i've also picked out who i think i want to be our photographer & videographer (if our budget allows) & yes, i realize that we just got engaged last wednesday. but did you know lee and i have chosen the very last saturday between the months of may-october 2015 that this place had available? turns out my #crazyplanner self isn't such a bad thing after all...

also don't forget about the impeccible pig event we have on wednesday! i hope to see all of you there to sip on some wine, chat about fashion & create new looks for fall!

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