Monday, September 22, 2014

birthday weekend.

first off, lee walker is an amazing man. he made my birthday absolutely wonderful & kicked it off on friday morning with breakfast in bed.

neither of us are morning people. we easily could sleep in until 9:30 every day, but this morning, lee was up before our normal working day wake up call to make me bacon. bacon on your birthday has to be a must.
i worked a half-day & went over to the walker's for lunch where lee gave me another gift - a beautiful tory burch bag! i honestly was surprised lee even knew what tory burch was. i have been loving carrying around this!

friday night was the very last concert of the country mega-ticket; randy houser & brad paisley! we walked in to the lawn section like always & this nice guy asked us if we wanted a a free upgrade! ummm yes! we then found our new seats under the covered section, maybe 30 rows from the front!

do you realize how expensive drinks are at these shows? $13 for a 20 oz beer! the nice guy noticed it was my birthday & only charged me $5. i love kind people! we had a blast tailgating & singing along to brad's songs. on the way home, i heart radio was airing their live show & i heard taylor perform 'love story' live. hands down one of my favorite songs of hers & it was on my birthday. if you know me, you know this was everything.
saturday, we headed out to do a little shopping {yes, i finally got lee to go with me shopping} & picked him up a shirt to wear for our engagement session in october at old navy. i headed over to vestique to find an outfit for saturday night - check back for a post on that later! and of course, no birthday weekend is complete without a cottonwood pumpkin ale with cinnamon & a good lunch at selwyn avenue pub - one of my favorite places in south charlotte. fall weather & a patio will equal a happy girl.

saturday evening, lee took me to dinner since we couldn't do that on friday because of the show. sullivan's steakhouse was his place of choice and oh my word. that was probably one of the best meals i've ever had. and i didn't even take any pictures! calamari, shrimp & lobster bisque, & a filet with horseradish garlic mashed potatoes. lee even insisted that i order my favorite dessert - a chocolate martini! we then met a big group of people out at thomas st. tavern for more celebrations.
i don't even know who i am anymore because so few pictures were taken of the group!

you would think my birthday celebrations would be over by now, but sunday we headed to the panthers game!

i love going to these games with allyson. the seats are amazing & my love for the panthers has really grown into something special. we took a heartbreaking loss by the steelers & a steelers fan spit on me. nothing like winning with class, right?
anyway, next saturday we're headed up to baltimore for the panthers/ravens game & I AM STOKED.
how was your weekend?
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