Thursday, September 11, 2014

i don't like chicken salad.

so i'm back on my "health kick." that's what lee likes to call it anyway. for some reason i feel like he's making fun of my extensive reading of nutrition labels and efforts of trying to "eat clean."
i don't know if he knows, but i have a wedding dress to fit into in less than a year from now and many changes i'm wanting to make.
is this even considered "eating clean?" to be honest, i don't know. i just try to think of keeping food in its most natural state. that's what i'm rolling with anyway. so when we were at the grocery store last night, i tried to come up with healthier ideas for lunches. the food trucks, chinese lunches, and wing places near my work can't cut it anymore.
most chicken salads have a mayo based with those gross bread and butter pickles and whatever else god awful stuff that put in there. grapes? who the heck wants grapes with chicken? eeeh, i'm cringing as i think of it. so since, i'm obsessed with avocado...
enter - the avocado chicken salad.

1 avocado, ripe
1 chicken breast, boiled
shredded carrots,
half a lemon, juiced
cherry tomatoes, quartered
and the award for easiest cooking instructions ever goes to this recipe.
pit your avocado and mash everything together in a big bowl. boom you have your "chicken salad." i like the crunch the shredded carrots give and it also forces me to eat carrots because it masks the taste. carrots are not my fav unless drenched in ranch, which also masks the taste.
these whole wheat little sandwhich rounds are the bomb and only 90 calories. put some of the chicken salad between these two bread babies. definitely eat this within the day of making it or one day after. avocado and oxygen aren't exactly bff.
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