Friday, September 12, 2014

my planning side gets worse.

as if i didn't already plan every second of the day, my newfound obsession has ventured into food. why i didn't think of this way before, i'm not sure.
hands down my favorite board on pinterest is the food board. forget the women's fashion, or weddings, or even the cute puppies section; just give me the food.  check out what we will be eating next week:

monday: spinach and cheese stuffed tilapia

tilapia must be the rejected fish of the sea because it's like $4.00 for two tilapia breasts (?) ... er, i mean filets. i literally just typed tilapia breasts & laughed so hard that i couldn't delete it. i'm thinking i'll try greek yogurt & spinach instead of cream cheese & not tell lee just to see what he says. yes, that's how i sneak in food at our house. by telling him it's cream cheese & hoping for the best.
tuesday: chicken enchilada quinoa bake.

Chicken Enchilada Quinoa Bake. Made this 2x in the past 2 weeks. SO good and great leftover
to all my quinoa peeps out there, i've never made this stuff. any advice? also quinoa is a really, really hard word to spell. just the few times i've typed it here, i've misspelled it every time. again, we will just not tell lee about the quinoa. did you know food lion doesn't have quinoa? there's one really close to our house & i asked the attendant & she goes what is that? some sort of pasta?
wednesday: sausage zucchini boats
toot toot! i've actually made these before and they are delicious. i have this unhealthy obsession with sausage and will use it over ground beef anyday. i may try the greek yogurt instead of cream cheese this time.
thursday: jalapeno popper chicken
JalapeƱo Popper Chicken #Recipe - Super easy, cheesy and delicious!  #FreshTake #cbias - Motherhood on the Rocks
this one is definitely lee approved and perhaps not the most healthy. i'm gonna go ahead and throw a #yolo at you for this dish. i can't lie; jalapenos scare me. i ate some spicy chinese food years ago and had to end up chugging milk to put out the fire in my mouth. side note: milk does work for that. i am so careful to remove the seeds when i cook with jalapenos, but lee loves the heat they bring so i may leave a few. we are all the time stuffing chicken with anything ranging from peppers to mushrooms to spinach.
and no meal plan for friday because it's my birthday! i cannot believe year 26 is here and sometimes i still act like i'm 18. hence champagne nights with my allyson.

excuse her weird eye. thanks iphone.

cheers to the weekend my blogger babes! do you meal plan your dinners? tell me your favorite week night meals.
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