Friday, September 19, 2014


happy birthday to me! the big 26 is here. my favorite date {other than christmas}; that i have instilled into everyone's head since they met me: september 19th.

and honestly, i can't believe it.

it feels like yesterday when i was in college practicing beer pong with danielle at 3pm because we had nothing cooler to do.

25 has been good to me. i went to the beach a lot, traveled to nashville, chicago & san diego, threw lee an amazing birthday, stood three feet from eric church, started blogging about fashion, saw fireworks on the beach, & finally; my favorite part... got engaged!

the timehop app reminded me today that i have worn a little black dress for my birthday celebration for the past 4 years. how boring am i right? and don't get me started on what i made everyone do for my 19th birthday; also in black.

oh you want to know? because i have #noshame, although i should be really embarassed, i'll tell you.

i went all prom queen on everyone and asked for us all to wear formal dresses & the guys wear suit & jackets so we could go to flemmings in greensboro, nc for my 19th. who the hell did i think i was? who the hell makes their birthday a prom night remix? lord help me & thank you to my friends still loving me after that one.

ps: yes, that's me with platinum blonde hair & the sparkly waist; the tallest one. can we say weird!

fast forward 4 years {mainly because i don't have the pictures anymore} to when i decided to dance in a group of girls playing with a fake, invisible basketball all night. if anyone reads this that was there that night, there's no way you can forget my fake basketball dance party. why i would pretend throw it in the air & spin in on my finger for a solid hour... i have no idea. but hey, when it's your birthday, you do what you want. oh 23.

24th birthday. oh lord. i actually had to sit here for a good 5 mintues and try to remember what i did for this one. the night ended with me locked outside of my old apartment. i've had cooler birthdays. but thank goodness for that lovely lady to the left of me down here. she's the best. could my smile get any bigger or the contrast get any brighter? oh! and guess what color i wore?

my 25th birthday was amazing. some of my closest girls got to come down to charlotte & it was also the first birthday i spent with lee. & perhaps my most favorite black dress of them all. all three of these girls are also bridesmaids.

i wonder if this weekend can top that.

tonight we're headed to see brad paisley. it's the last show on the country mega ticket & since allyson & i are both off work at noon, we're headed to do a little dress shopping before tailgating. nothing like waiting until the last minute right? saturday, lee is taking me to dinner at 'i don't know where yet' & heading over to thomas street tavern for some afterward drinks with everyone. in charlotte saturday night? come say hi.

if i come back on monday with a birthday weekend recap and i have on black, you have every reason to slap me through your computer screen.

here's to 26!
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