Wednesday, September 10, 2014

wedding wednesday | meet my bridesmaids.

 for this week's wedding wednesday, i'm talking bridesmaids! i've talked about these girls MANY times before on the blog, but since they will be a big part of my big day, i wanted to reintroduce them back to y'all.
meet my maid of honor: danielle
i met danielle the summer of 2009 right before my 21st birthday. i walked into her apartment for a party and the first thing the girl ever said to me was “i’m not gonna finish my margarita. do you want it?” boom. did we just become best friends?! yes. danielle has seen me at my best and at my worst and loves me anyway; the same goes for her. through skipping class to practice our beer pong game {which we still rock at}, to rapping jay z & lil wayne, to talking about boy after boy after boy, to taking my hands and praying with me that night in boone two years ago, danielle is very special to me.

she gets my quirky humor and we have a saying if we go too long without seeing each other, we start to twitch. she has a big heart & one i’m thankful to know.

meet my other maid of honor: candis.
yes, i have two. 

candis and i have been best friends since she moved to north carolina in 11th grade from alabama. i met her in our ap english class that year, but didn’t really get to know her until a mutual person showed their true colors and her & i teamed up and started an unbreakable bond. throughout all of her moving the past 9 years, from her being 1 hour away from me to 12 hours, our friendship never faded. she is just as weird {if not weirder} than i am.

when we were 18, we went to frankies in raleigh and had a photo shoot. another time, we drove to myrtle beach at 11pm only to leave the next day at noon. she also helped me up when i fell down the stairs on nye 2013. we can fight like sisters and then talk it out over papa john’s pizza. she is one of the truest people i have ever known.

meet my bridesmaid: allyson

i met allyson the summer of 2010 in greensboro. our story isn’t that typical actually. i’ll never forget the night i met her because i was having a horrible night. i walked into our guy friend’s apartment at the time and she introduced herself and we ended up at syn & sky downtown greensboro where she was dancing to old school backstreet boys {mutual love} & walked up to me with 2 beers and said “ welp, i can’t drink em all!!!” we then later ended up falling off of a table together at corner bar. people who fall together, stay friends forever.

she’s a lover of all things that i am featuring titanic, 90s music, taylor swift, the carolina panthers, and the lion king. she is such a unique girl that we continued our friendship even though she lived in charlotte at the time. i visited her a few times, fell in love with the city itself, moved down to charlotte in may 2012 where we became right down the road from each other. i am thankful every day that our paths were crossed exactly the way they were.

meet my bridesmaid: taylor

taylor is one of my oldest friends. i’ve known her since 6th grade when we both had awkward phases, bleached hair & terrible dental work going on. taylor was there during the days when i had a curfew of 11pm & was still friends with me despite that. she knows alllll about my strong hand, dempsey dunn ice cream, aol instant messenger chat rooms, and after two nights ago, we found out we can still throw down on a wednesday night. i had the pleasure of seeing her marry her best friend, and she will one day return the favor.

friends over about 14 years are hard to find and i’m so glad i get to cherish the times we have together. to me, she will always be the girl in the black escape with TAYLOR written on the back glass in multiple colors; cruising up & down the boulevard in roxboro screaming the lyrics to taking back sunday's "you're so last summer."

meet my bridesmaid: magan

i met magan in 9th grade where we bonded over a cockroach in the hallway. weird? we know. we both made fun of each other for our boy crushes at the time because looking back.. wow. we kept a notebook with spongebob & patrick on the front of our notes passed back in forth & still know the lyrics to our “shelley shit” song we made up at the beach. “stepping on the rocks, feet so hot, shelley shit! shelly shit!” so many memories were made at that beach house the summer of 2003. she may live in 3 hours away from me, but when we visit each other, it’s like the distance is just miles down the road. i pretend to be shuzanne shummers and she dies laughing. 

that's my five girls! they've loved me at my worst and seen me at my best and i couldn't imagine marrying lee without any of them by my side.
just y'all wait for my bachelorette weekend.... just. y'all. wait.
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