Monday, September 15, 2014

weddings & houses.

i now know how i will feel if there is a chance of rain on my wedding day. we attended a wedding this past weekend in wilkesboro and woke up to twitter alerts that a flash flood had a high percetage of happening in that area.
i immediately felt anxious for the bride considering the ceremony was outside.
on friday night, we didn't do much of anything which was nice for a change. lee was slightly thirsty and i couldn't stop laughing.

saturday morning before heading up to the wedding spot, lee and i looked at houses! we have taken the steps towards buying a home. why on earth we have decided to buy a home and plan a wedding all at once is beyond me. however, there's not a lot of wedding tasks i need to do right now, so this is kind of the perfect time. i know some of you are homeowners, so do you have any tips for us? i feel like some of you are my life coach.
we fell. in. love. with the first home we looked at. i know, i know - keep your options open. we've looked a several more and my mind just keeps going back to that first option. the only thing we found "negative" is it sits on a high hill so mowing the front yard would be a crazy task. everything else about the house is gorgeous and i'm trying to figure out if it's worth it or not. what's your experience with something like that?
anyway, back to the wedding. the location was stunning and i said a quick prayer for the weather to hold off and it didn't rain a single drop all evening! the dark clouds in the background actually gave the view a more dramatic effect. this is just a shot i got with my iphone - i can't even imagine the beauty of the ones the photographer got.

it was located at williams farm which housed a beautiful barn & country wedding feel. the food was also fantastic!
congrats to ashley & winston!
sunday was spent doing..what else? football. the panthers got another W and i'm super pumped to be going to the steelers game this coming sunday! heck of a birthday weekend i have coming up.
but on top of that, allyson and i are making the trip next saturday up to baltimore for the panthers @ raven's game. this will be the most north i've ever been and i. cannot. wait. i'm hoping the weather isn't too cold considering anything below 75 is freezing to me.
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