Monday, September 8, 2014

whitney houston meets taylor swift.

what an interesting title that one is. that pretty much summed up my saturday night, but before i get into all that, here's what i was up to this weekend.
on thursday, i got to meet up with some great ladies i knew back in my college days for a bachelorette's night out. we dined at enso asian bistro and took on the town. i didn't get home until 1am and realized how much i can't hang on school nights. work on friday was allllll that much more fun, but it was so worth it on thursday night.

but as it always does, 5pm hit and we took on florida georgia line & jason aldean. this was my 4th or 5th time seeing jason and as pumped as i was about the setlist, i was a little disappointed. maybe it was the lack of sleep from the night before, but we left like 4 songs before it ended. but per usual, tailgating is the best part.

on saturday, one of my college roommates, katie, and her boyfriend, justin, came down to visit us. it seems like this past weekend was a big college flashback. we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in all of charlotte, 300 east, where i had a filet & ventured into a little pattern matching for a late summer outfit. to a koala baby changing station because that's normal.

and then it began. we headed over to montford area and ended at jeff's bucket shop. ever heard of it? me either. one of those hole in the wall places where it's way too packed and those singing karaoke definitely shouldn't be singing karaoke.
i was one of those people.
katie and i took on the stage singing whitney houston's 'i will always love you.' let me just preface this, i do not have a singing voice. i sound something short of a dying cat with laryngitis. but because this was my first time EVER singing karaoke, i gave it my all; including throwing my head back all t. swift like and belting out the lyrics.

we had the whole crowd going. both katie and i were taking our microphones and putting it up to people in the crowd. it was magical. and right before i walked off stage, i held my hand out and dropped the microphone just for an extra dramatic effect.

jeff's bucket shop, we will return. 

was your weekend as ground-breaking as mine?
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