Wednesday, October 22, 2014


never have i wanted to been born in a year more. 

and even though i was born in 1988, 1989 is way cooler. 

there's no secret that i am obsessed with taylor swift. the girl is a genius if you ask me, so don't even try to disagree with me in the comments. but hey, even so you're entitled to your opinion, but just know it's wrong. and you're mean.

i'm kidding.

i remember the first time i fell in love with a song of hers. and i cried. love story was on my repeat list like no other. i was trying to figure out what this thing called love was for the first time in my life and i just related to the song. and even when that memory turned into a picture to burn and i began to think we are never ever getting back together, my obsession with taylor swift didn't end there. her music was something i could relate to. whether it was about a future boyfriend, an ex boyfriend, a best friend... no matter what she wrote, it was about my life.

me and 8 billion other girls. 

i remember going to her concert for the first time i had ever seen her. the fearless tour. you guys, talk about the best day. i need someone to tell me why i didn't prepare myself. i cried at the show. an even more embarrassing fact about me - i have cried at all three tours i have been to. how silly right? and i swear half the time at the show, i could barely breathe because i was singing every lyric of every song.

at the speak now tour, i had a girl come up to me, saying she was enchanted because i looked "just like taylor". i think i was about 22 - wild, crazy, innocent & yes, with the blonde super curly hair on the left. 

sometimes i almost do wish i'd go back blonde, but ehhh. i'll leave those days in the past. 

the red tour was the last time i have seen her live. if you can't tell, allyson is my t. swift concert girl and every time our song comes on, it's bananas. it's like LONG LIVE THIS MOMENT! 

and now with 1989 being released at the end of the month, i can't wait for this next one to begin again.

i swear one day i'll meet her. and everyone has someone they look up to, someone who has impacted their life, and her lyrics and music has done that for me. i am admittedly obsessed. i've even gotten lee in on her too - after all, he's the best thing that's ever been mine and i can't wait to continue the story of us here on the ol' blog. there's no doubt that i am the lucky one.  every love song from taylor - he's the one i think about. every time the seasons change. every time i go back to december to reminisce about our first christmas together. and everytime i realize just how much everything has changed since last year, i can't wait to marry that guy. we will probably have taylor playing at our wedding. don't judge! it's forever and always, ya'll. you belong with me, babe! 

ok fine, i'll chill with my rant. and we both know all too well that i could try to convince you until i'm blue in the face that she's an amazing songwriter, but honestly, if you're not a fan of her, hey that's cool. you're the one that's missing out! me and half of the world will just shake it off
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