Friday, October 3, 2014


i have been a bad blogger and usually i'm on top of it! a lot of things happened this week (which i can't wait to share!!!!!!!!) but i wanted to do a quick recap of last weekend in baltimore. 

yes, we traveled a long, long ways, 8 hours to be exact, to watch steve smith & his squad demolish the panthers. and even though that was pretty heartbreaking, we still had a good company & a good time.

allyson and i left charlotte around 8:30am on saturday morning after grabbing some panera bread & coffee. anybody knows if i'm awake before like 10 - i need the coffee. we swung by greensboro, nc to pick up our college friend, nick, and we were #baltimorebound.

we arrived in annapolis, maryland around the early evening to get ready for dinner & drinks. i had a cucumber margarita. in theory this sounds cool, but in reality, it's a ton of salt. 

we headed to a nearby bar to watch carolina get stomped by clemson {this was clearly not my weekend in sports}, but met some great people while doing so. 7:30 am on sunday morning came reaaally early. 

but after some gross coffee & "sweet" tea from mcdonalds {ps: the tea in baltimore is anything BUT sweet}, this girl recovered & we were pumped. blue hair. blue feet. jersey on. and all.

it was GAME DAY & tailgating time.

these two guys we went with, nick (on the right) & marcus, were completely our entertainment for the weekend. i've known nick for lots of years and the kid is hilarious. it was a blast tailgating with them two reflecting on college & deciding who was going to demolish who at the game. steve smith was obviously a huge topic at hand.

little did we know, allyson and i were wrong. 

there were ravens fans everywhere. and i mean, everywhere

this being both of our first away games for nfl - it was so much fun. the fans were even pretty nice for the most part! most complimented our efforts to travel to baltimore & our blue leg warmers were such a hit.

baltimore, you were fun, but we got you next time. 

it was an absolute amazing weekend with one of my favorite girls. big shout out to nick's family for housing us up for the night! 

chicago bears: we're ready & coming for you.

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