Wednesday, October 29, 2014

calling all northern ladies who know how football works.

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hey girl hey! i already like you if you clicked on this post. that means you like football. as i talked about before, lee is a big green bay packers fan who has never been to green bay. 


being a panther girl myself and have gone to so many games now, i know that there is no tv or comfy couch or bar stool on earth that compares to being at your home stadium. so for lee's birthday, i purchased him green bay vs. chicago bears tickets - at green bay. 

yes. wisconsin. and this girl doesn't do cold...

"the frozen tundra" as lee says they call it. although we're going next weekend so it won't be something crazy like -25 degrees, but it's still projected to be in the 30s and lower. gah, i'm cold already. where's my blanket?

so here are a few ideas i've came up with to stay warm. 
- of course a jersey. you have to wear a football jersey to a football game.
- dark jeans + boot socks + boots to keep those feetsies warm. 
a cute jacket to stay warm once it gets to temperatures i still have a hard time believing i'll be in.
- a cute toboggan. for those ears of mine.
- maybe a balloon to carry around? whatever, that could be cool.
- maybe some gloves? 
- beer. everyone knows you have to have beer. beer keeps you warm the most.

so northern ladies who like football, am i missing something? fill me in on your stay warm secrets.

someone who thinks anything below 72 degress is freezing.
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