Thursday, October 16, 2014

i couldn't live without...


there was a party about a year ago where everyone was asked what's one thing you'd bring to a desert island. i said mascara. 

who says mascara? 

who cares what you look like on a desert island? the coconuts don't care and i highly doubt the palm trees do either. but regardless, that was my answer.

if i were thinking clearly, i would've said i'd bring a plane to get me the heck off the island. but no. mascara it was. my lashes needed to look fab even if the rest of me looked like a dump.

so if you don't know by now, i kinda have this thing for mascara. 

my friend caroline contacted me and asked me to try younique 3D fiber lashes so you know i was on board.

i will say - this blew my mind to be honest with you. i got my makeup done about a month ago and the fake lashes that were actually on my lashes didn't even compare to this product. 

to start, you line your lashes with a thin coat of your own mascara, & let it dry. then you apply a coat of the younique gel & before it dries, sweep a coat of the fibers over your lashes, then follow up with the gel again. 

i have a thing where i use my eye lash curler after it's been heated up with a hair dryer. someone out there please tell me i'm not alone in doing this. it gives the lashes the look you want when you are smiling in pictures! i'll be honest with you - i didn't do that with younique. my lashes were so long they showed up when i was looking at someone face on. 

and i don't have to run the risk of burning my eyelid with the hot eye lash curler, which does happen time to time. 

it's basically the easy button for mascara. you heard me. the easy button. it gives you the illusion of fake eyelashes but without that silly strip that no one can apply themselves successfully.

the fibers completely attach to your own lashes while the gel smooths them out giving you a flawless look. and the cool part? it's only $28 bucks for the set. and i'm hosting a party where you can get younique for a low price! and i would love if you party with me.

check it out and buy it here

there are a ton of other products on the site that you can take advantage of so if you're a beauty product junkie like me and wanting dramatic, full lashes - i'd say it's well worth the money. i'll just skip a dinner out somewhere and boom - there's my $28 bucks.  i know that i'll be applying these babies every friday and saturday for a night out look. 

oh! and if you sneeze while applying - it doesn't get everywhere. and washes off with face wash and water. let's chalk this up for a win, amirite? 

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