Monday, October 20, 2014

i remembered my camera this trip.

for some of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know lee and i went ziplining for our anniversary back in may. but for those who haven't, here are some scenes from our weekend at the gorge zipline.

excuse me for the lack of words here, but it's kinda late. ok fine 10:50 isn't that late, but for this grandma who really likes her sleep now-a-days, 10:50 is crazy past my normal bedtime. 

damn, i miss the days of waking up in college, deciding ehhhh i really don't need to go to class today, hitting the snooze button, and wearing pajamas for the rest of the day. anybody feel me?

oh yeah, pictures. that's what i promised you. at a perfect fall temperature of 65 degrees, we watched the leaves beginning to turn colors as we zipped by them at a crazy speed while screaming our heads off. 

alright, so maybe i was the only one screaming.

congrats if you made it all the way down here. kudos! that was a ton of photos ranging from tree pictures to butt pics to skybridges to selfies. 

the walker family (plus an amanda! ; soon to be walker) had a great time. the best part of the trip was watching lee's parents zoom in on the zipline going 35 miles an hour and hit the zip stop. the looks on their faces were priceless! we finished saturday with a great mexican dinner. you can't end saturday without mexican food, right?

lee got up sunday morning and cooked breakfast for us like he always does. am i blessed with an amazing man or what?! afterward, we had a latte at a local coffee shop nearby. and by we, i mean me, because lee hates coffee.

i know, i'm marrying a weirdo. who hates coffee?? 

anyway. something monumental happened yesterday. can i just get a high five that i finally figured out our engagement picture outfits? the pictures happen this wednesday. this wednesday, y'all. cheers to chugging nyquil so i can get some sleep this week because my mind is running in circles.

just kidding.

i actually don't have a cold. i have wedding brain. wedding brain is a serious issue, y'all. between thinking about all the props we need / my hair appointment / my makeup appointment / i need to get my nails done / the poses i want us to do/ the photobombing cow...... 

wait, what did i just say? a photobombing cow?

guess you'll have to check back later and see.

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