Tuesday, October 14, 2014

random happenings because #yolo

confession: i say #yolo way too often. it's to the point where i even go as far as saying "hashtag - yolo" if i'm speaking out loud. i used to say it to make fun of people who still said it, but now its a matter of me turning into actually saying it because i mean it.

did that sentence even make sense? 

whatever, #yolo. see what i did there? ok i'm done being annoying. 

we had such a low-key weekend that it didn't even deserve a weekend recap. and this girl is not complaining. with every weekend booked (and i mean friday and saturday nights) from now to december 12th weekend, there will be plenty of time for weekend updates. so today i'm bringing a mish-mash up of random happenings because these photo dumps are good for the soul.

and i just wanted to blog. so here we go.

the blogger closet on instagram is about to get a makeover. i found these really great necklaces from target the other day and have been able to share these and my other finds a few times, but i really want to do more with this instagram. although i want to still take on bloggers, i really enjoy posting myself. so how about you follow along?

 it's funny - i own the instagram and hardly get to post on it! 

hashtag - things you don't think about. 

last weekend when danielle came, we knew we had to do some beer pong. it's, hands down, our favorite game. so what does one do when they have like five solo cups? you rig it. insert plastic cups and mugs of all sizes. it really does make the game like fifty thousand times harder. 

hashtag - redneck beer pong

okay, i'll try to stop talking in hashtags.

back when we first started dating, we always went on guacamole and big beer dates. we love how cheap it is and this past week, we threw in queso! we're rebels i know. but hey, when you take steps towards buying a house, you can't always continuously go out for those $100 dinners. 

i going to need the world to stop spinning. is this not the most beautiful scarf you have ever seen?! i stumbled upon in anthropologie and had to have it. no questions asked. i love the faux fur and the colorful pattern. gah it was love at first sight! & yes that link will take you to it. don't click there unless you want to fall in love. 

and then i found this picture of lee with one of his long time family friends, chrissy. you guys, i didn't stop laughing for about 12 minutes. every day i praise the Lord that lee likes his hair buzz cut.

but although we all praise the fact that lee grew out of that stage where his hair was too long, he is a master at marinating meat for the grill. homeboy cooked up some steaks last night that were seriously the best steaks i've had. 

minus that one time when we had filet mignon from capital grille.

but since when does ribeye steaks beat filet? never. but these were a close second. 


hey, i just said i'd try to stop talking in hashtags. i didn't promise.

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