Wednesday, October 1, 2014

so let me hold both of your hands in the holes of my sweater.

i am super lucky to work in an corporate office environment where i can dress extremely casual. so casual that we can wear jeans. however, from working in other corporate offices prior, i sometimes have the urge to up it just a little. i was used to suits, jackets, heels, tights everyday & now getting to wear these old navy pixie cut pants feels like pajamas. i own like 4 pairs & have another on the way! do you know that i love pajamas by now?

the temps in charlotte are freezing lately. and by freezing i mean in the 60s. most people find this humorous, but i'm dead serious. anything below 65 is frigid to me & i need a sweater, blanket, scarf, mini heater - you name it, i want it. basically i need someone to enclose all of charlotte & keep it at a happy 70 degrees.

but that's never gonna happen. so insert this comfy sweater & scarf.

the parking deck is a short 5 minute walk away from my office building, so it was a necessity the other morning because again... amanda = always cold. 

sweater / h&m | scarf / vestique {similar} | printed pants / old navy {similar} |
glasses / kate spade | flats / old navy | bracelet / charming charlie

also another confession: i can't see y'all. i don't know if it has been years and years since college graduation of staring at a computer screen or whatever, but my eyes are getting worse and worse. being in the corporate meeting & event planning industry, i am behind a computer day in & out.

they aren't bad enough where i need contacts {yet}, but i love my kate spade glasses. i don't think i've ever blogged with them before!

and these fuschia colored flats - they go with so much! i love how they provide a pop of color.

on a side note: i finally figured out how to get my vertical pictures to be the same width as my horizontal & square ones! i know... amateur blogger fail. but this is huge! suck on that intimidating html coding!

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