Thursday, October 9, 2014

under contract.

so i don't want to jump the gun or anything crazy like that, but i've been keeping a secret from you all and i think i can finally talk a little more about it!

lee and i have been lucky enough to live with our good friends, jared & hannah, for almost a year now in a house they bought last year in mint hill. it was the first time we lived together and a great transitional and monumental time in our relationship. 

however, at the end of august, we decided we wanted to be future homeowners! i know, you think i'm crazy. who buys a house and plans a wedding at the same time?! but since we decided to do a year engagement, wedding plans have taken a back seat as i literally have nothing to do right now! 

except maybe narrow down that guest list which is staring at me all evil-like every time i sit down to write. i'm coming for you guest list, i'm coming for you.


as of about two weeks ago, and after visiting close to about 30 different homes, we have found one and the seller has accepted our offer!! 

it's a 3200 square foot 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, two story home with a beautiful kitchen, two story living room, a two car garage with a separate garage out back, a master bed & bath like you wouldn't believe, and a big bonus room downstairs. the house sits on 0.4 acres, which is pretty nice for the location! 

looks like i'll have plenty of cleaning to do.

to say we are ecstatic really doesn't exactly show how happy we are. the house is currently "under contract" and we have a set date to close of november 14th!

trust me, i'm going to want to document this, so i'll definitely be doing some before photos once we get in the house. katie mentioned she was glad she did "before" photos while working on furnishing and decorating the house so she can compare to the after pictures! 


homeowners, do you have any advice for me once we move in? lee and i have been through all the negotiations and apr and blah blah blah, but i'd like to know which room was your first that you wanted to get situated. you guys are my life coach these days between wedding planning ideas and now a HOUSE! 

happy thursday. :)
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