Tuesday, November 18, 2014

a tour of our home with nothing in it.

I promise I’m still here!


As many of you saw on instagram, we bought a house! And with buying a house comes a lot of work – especially when you have been sick like I have. Sick and moving and dust aren’t exactly a winning combination, but we are officially moved in and enjoyed the third night in our new house.


I wanted to post some “before” photos just for documentary sake at least, so I could compare once we have everything decorated how I see it in my head.


You know… sometime next year.


Homeownership is an expensive thing y’all.


Anyway, here are a few photos I snapped before the professional movers started unloading boxes upon boxes that piled into the living room. And by professional movers, I mean lee, his brother, and his dad.

One of my favorite things about the house is the catwalk that overlooks the living room. We’ve already learned the art of throwing (soft) things over the balcony to expedite the process. Many times have the words “hey lee! Can you toss me my blanket…” been said, only for it to fall on my head.

The master bath is huge! And I’m like a kid at Christmas with a mouthful of jellybeans over the entire master suite. Our previous owner did many upgrades to the home including extending the shower to include a full bench. but all the terrible 1970 inspired curtains in the house (including those huge ones in the living room) have got to go.

I have two big additional closets (not pictured). Are the angels in heaven singing yet? the previous owner also converted this attic space into a carpeted closet to include so many shoe racks. This is lee’s closet – along with my ever growing shoe collection housed in here as well. 


Our kitchen’s countertops are some kind of beautiful. I am in love with the granite and the pattern! And I admit, I was terrified of the gas stovetop and now, it’s another one of my favorite features of the home. along with our cute little breakfast nook that were picking up a little table this evening! 

On the opposite side of the living room is our bonus/gaming room which overlooks the back deck. Speaking of, the back deck is pretty spacious - another upgrade the previous owners built on. It just needs some TLC, power washing & a nice stain job. Future plans to screen in the upper part of the deck and leave the lower part open are already popping into my head. One project at a time, Amanda.

In additional to these rooms, we also have a downstairs half bath, three other bedrooms and two additional full bathrooms upstairs to go with those. Also not pictured is our garage that's attached to the house, the detached garage (in the picture above), full office, formal dining room and formal sitting room.


I have a lot of decorating to do.

and yes, we plan on having children in the waaaaay future which is why we chose a home with the bedrooms. right now we basically could play hide and seek with each other and would never be found. 


We still do not have internet in the house yet, so I’m posting from the blogger app on my iphone. If you’ve ever experienced that before, you feel my pain.


Happy Tuesday!