Tuesday, November 11, 2014


the future walker's made it successfully on their first flight together. after experiencing my flight anxiety and death grip on lee's hand while taking off from the runway, turns out he still wants to marry me. 

that's a good thing. 

we left charlotte at 6:00am on saturday and were in green bay by 9:40ish that morning with the one hour loss because of the time change. after checking into our hotel, there was one thing on the agenda. 

go to lambeau.

green bay is completely different from what i was envisioning. even though i'm not 100% sure what that even was. there was a lot of land. and cows. and their roads were in squares. no curves whatsoever. we grabbed some gear, including this glitter koozie, and walked around the atrium of this amazing stadium. 

then decided to go get a burger with a big slab of butter in between it.

wait. what? 

my thoughts exactly. 

kroll's west resturant is known for their burgers in green bay, and apparently it's a disgrace not to get the butter. 

and their beers! do you see that teeny glass?? they bring you a full bottle of beer, but give you this baby glass where you have to pour two times to fit the whole beer. i found this amazing. 

after our baby beers and crazy calorie high cheeseburgers, it was time to tour lambeau.

the stadium seats some over 80,000 people - even though you would never guess that by looking at it. it's apparently bigger than the cowboys stadium, seating wise that is. we got to see all behind the scenes things including running out of the green tunnel while music was pumping us up. 

lee's face during this moment - i won't forget it. 

there is something amazing about being in a completely empty football stadium. we were both a bunch of kids at christmas. 

and of course, when in green bay, we had to take our dinner plans to brett favre steakhouse. 

we both ordered the filet, our usual vacation dinner splurge. another notable food choice from the weekend were what's known as "cheese curds." - which is basically glorified mozzarella cheese sticks served with a spicy tomato dipping sauce. 

so happy calories don't count on vacation. we finished the night at a local bar, stadium view, which was, you know, 1 of 2 bars in the whole dang town. we met up with another couple, brittany & bobby, whom we bonded with earlier in the day over "hey, can you take our picture? ....sure! and now can you take ours?" 

you know how that goes. turns out brittany got bobby tickets for his birthday as well. 

so anyway, sunday - we woke up and it was GAMEDAY. 

i just want to give a shoutout to the city of green bay. never have i ever met as many nice people as i did in this city! the entire place sleeps, breathes, & eats packer football. we headed back over to stadium view to meet up again with brittany & bobby + a few more friends made from saturday night's shenanigans. 

we started tailgating around 1 pm. 

packer fans don't play.

the day/evening went on and we took the party to the tailgating package i bought for lee as a second surprise to the tickets. unlimited beer & packer themed food for 3 hours before kickoff.

and thank goodness for that because it was freezing. everything about me was cold even though i'm sure some of you saw my eskimo look on my instagram which included 4 layers, 2 pants, 3 pairs of socks, hand warmers, scarves (yes, plural) and a toboggan.

did you watch the game? the packers DESTROYED the bears. i mean it wasn't even a competition! the whole city lit up like a christmas tree to end the jam packed tailgate and a good ol' fashioned butt whooping to their rival team. 

talk about the perfect game to attend. 

oh, and we woke up to a complete winter wonderland on monday morning. if that's not cool (literally), i don't know what is. green bay, we will be back. 

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