Monday, November 3, 2014


i'd like to introduce herman to y'all. why my jellyfish ended up having a guy name, but a mad eyelash game - i don't know. i have developed this weird love for my umbrella friend. he's still sitting on the bed in the guestroom currently as i don't have the heart to fold up the umbrella. 

it's weird. i'll be blogging about herman later this week and how you can make your very own. he was one of the "costumes of the night" although carrying around an umbrella is kinda annoying. and don't even get me started on getting through doorways. the struggle is real.

also to make an appearance was a penguin, WILSON!, cruella, and the ticket oak from stubhub. we had a halloween party at jared & hannah's on friday night and although i didn't get a picture of everyone, i did get a few. thank goodness we still live with them because getting herman into a car isn't exactly something i wanted to try.

most costumes were DIY and i couldn't believe lee hand painted that wilson as he's less crafty than i am. luckily he bought a 3 pack of shirts because we totally failed on the first two. i forgot wilson had a mouth when i gave my attempt and painting and on the second shirt, lee forgot his nose. third times a charm right?

also, herman ended up eating wilson in the ocean. oops. 

on saturday, i ended up doing a different kind of dress up and went wedding dress shopping round two. with a quick brunch with my friend danielle at toast of dilworth, we hit up j majors & hayden olivia bridal

i may or may not have found my dress! i haven't "said yes" yet - i want to get my mom down here to check it out. after visiting hayden olivia, i fell in love with a dress way out of my price range. it's true! do not try on dresses if you can't say no! 

luckily i am able to as their dresses went up to something crazy like $14,000! i can't fathom spending that on a dress. 

anyway, the dress i did find i absolutely love and i'm going to try and make alterations to create what i have in my head. fingers crossed THAT works out :)

saturday night we got together with (pictured from left to right) jj, amanda, lee, myself, sean, & taylor at this new street style mexican place - bakersfield. i'm 100% certain they put crack in their guac as it was the best guac i have ever had! 

jj & amanda moved here from cincinnati where bakersfield was huge & were totally happy one opened up in charlotte. and now so am i. it's a quick trip i can make on my lunch break to get more of that guac. 

we all went out for an early birthday dinner for lee! he's 27 today and i swear 27 has never looked so good. friday we leave for green bay for his birthday, but that's not all he's getting for his birthday.... stay tuned.

lee, don't read this! 
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