Thursday, November 27, 2014

i have a love affair with leopard.

striped turtleneck | plaid button down | dark wash jeans | leopard pumps (similar)

happy thanksgiving to you all! i hope you eat enough that you'll need stretchy pants this evening. 

after moving into the new house, i took the time to organize my closets (one for fall; one for spring) by maxi dresses, blouse tops, sweaters, lounge wear, & vests. not only did i do that, but i also have it organized by color. ocd, much? 

it's been so easy to walk in my closet, and see pieces that would go together. i do this thing where i throw something together, cross my fingers, and hope for the best. luckily for me, mixing plaid, stripes, and leopard actually worked here. i'm basically a combo of a leopard, zebra, and whatever animal exists that's similar to plaid. 

and with 4 inch leopard heels comes the inevitable - foot pain. sometimes i opt for flats just so i don't have to deal with it! however, i found sole serum - which literally makes these pumps feel like i'm walking on clouds. this stuff will come in handy this weekend when i see cole swindell at his standing room only show! i'm so excited i can't wait.

peace, love & happy feet. 
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