Sunday, November 23, 2014

i'm moving to hilton head island.

i'm kidding. obviously. we just bought a house remember! and after this past weekend, we're finally sitting on the couch watching sunday football and i'm reminded i never want to leave.

kidding again. 

but anyway, the marriott monarch at sea pines resort we stayed at this past weekend was dreamy. i mean, there's grills, fire pits, shuffleboard, pool tables, foosball tables, and a two second walk to the beach. 

of course the resort also had outdoor hot tubs and pools - and even though they are heated, i didn't feel like walking the walk of shame shivering back to our suite room. 

hilton head island is simply gorgeous. this being my first time there, i was shocked at how relaxing this beach was compared to other beaches, such as myrtle beach, where everything is commercialized. 

no homeless people, no bearded guy trying to sell you something on the street, no rented umbrellas blocking your view from the ocean - you get my drift. 

the first thing we did on friday morning was head to the beach so i could run down and touch my toes in the ocean. the water was freezing cold. some reason i always expect the ocean to be a bubbling warm bath-water like experience and it never is. but, at a lovely 60 some degrees outside, i was happy to have my old navy blanket scarf. this thing goes almost down to my ankles!

also home to hilton head are this super scary dead horseshoe crabs. these things are gigantic! lance had the bravery to pick one up; meanwhile i'm backing up 5 more feet. anything that resembles a spider, i am not on board with. dead or alive. 

we headed over to the village area where we got to sit around a fire pit and enjoy a sweet water blue. hands down one of my favorite beers.

also, ignore my nails. i'm getting them done this week, i promise.

friday night, lee and i made our famous marinated steak and shrimp kabobs. after buying pounds & pounds of top sirloin, shrimp & veggies, we were pumped to have extra leftovers to take back home. last time we made these, i had lunch for three days after!

we slightly underestimated how much food people would put away. we only had two kabobs left; which were gobbled up for lunch the next day. that just means they were a success like always, right? 

the grill area of the resort was amazing and only aided in me wanting to pick it up, ship it to charlotte, and plant it in my backyard. these little bulb lights are my favorite and are stuck in my mind for my own future outdoor project.

on saturday, we rented bikes. 

the last time i was on a bike was probably eight years old. i wasn't known as a very "outdoor-sy" kinda girl back in the day. but the old saying - if you don't use it, you lose it - is false. i hopped on that thing and cruised all around bike trails and on the beach. we ended up going about 6 miles or so. 

and my thighs were killing me. good for them. they needed a good workout.

saturday night, we headed to experience some local seafood at skull creek boathouse. i got a parmesan crusted cod with green beans and their signature mashed potatoes. if i go to any new restaurant, i scan the menu for mashed potatoes. hands down my favorite food. lee and everyone else ordered the low country boil. 

theirs came with steamed sliced red potatoes. 

mashed potatoes > sliced potatoes. every time.

we had a wonderful long weekend and the only thing missing from this beach trip is my tan. 

i'm still pale as ever. 
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