Wednesday, November 12, 2014

our engagement pictures.

well if you made it all the way down here - you get kudos and a cookie. that's a whole lot of pictures. 

our engagement pictures were shot at a farm in oakboro, nc as the sun was setting on a 60 degree fall day. the weather was perfect because we both were clearly dress like fall and the week prior it was 80 degrees. what the heck october? 

and of course we had to pop a little bubbly. side story: a few months ago lee opened a bottle of champagne for me and it ended up flying up in the air to the ceiling! 3/4 of the champagne was either on his face, the ceiling, or the floor. he'd been scared to even look at a bottle since. but not on our engagement photo day. 

he man-ed up and popped the cork like champ! some of my favorite pictures resulted from that.

so we braved all of natures conditions. cows mooing every time we kissed, and dodging a cow pie every 3 feet. at one point they chased us! i mean a full on sprint which left me, lee, and the two photographer's in a full on run to climb the fence which i eventually fell off of trying to leap over. oh, the things you do for engagement pictures. 

anyway, speaking of cows, i promised you a photobombing cow & here ya go. 

but, not too close. those things were scary.

thanks for looking through our engagement and following along with me during this journey! so now my question is - which one should we use for save the dates?

i want to know which one is your favorite! 
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