Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas 2014.

i build up Christmas in my head more than a five year old it seems like. and as it always does, it flies by before my mind can wrap around that it's came and gone. this was our first {and only!} Christmas while being engaged and new homeowners. we were so blessed to spend it with friends and family and a puppy.

no... not a puppy of my own, but i'm still hoping for it! valentine's maybe? maybe.

anyway, lee and i both had to work Christmas eve (i worked from home, thankfully), so at around 3pm on wednesday, we headed down to roxboro to stay with my parents. my family does a traditional Christmas eve present exchange & lee's family does theirs on Christmas day, so it works out pretty much perfectly that we get to celebrate with both. phew. glad we could avoid that awkwardness of where we're going and when. 

my parents made enough food for a whole army and their's kids and their future kids and their future kids too. but that's usually how we roll at the crute household. with more presents than there were space in the living room, we opened up more than we deserved! lee got a weed eater, hedge trimmer, and like 3 other things i can't remember right now. 

my mom knows i'm a coffee freak who has a weird obsession with keurig's so when i opened up that 2.0 keurig with a fancy-shmancy touch screen, i was pumped. i also got a ton other house stuff and was just as pumped about that. you know you're getting old when mixing bowls excite you, but coming from someone who has been mixing & preparing food in old pasta dishes... trust me, you'd be pumped too! 

then it was time for my dad's annual christmas envelope game that he started about three years ago. seven envelopes randomly numbered with anything ranging from $20, $10, $5 to $1's. we play a series of games to determine who picks the envelope first in hopes that the $20 is staring them in the face when they open it. granddaddy won last year. granddaddy won this year. i'm beginning to this one of two things:

1. the game is rigged.
2. granddaddy has some mad money guessing skillz.

yes. meet izzy! my brother rescued this adorable baby pup from the shelter which only aided in my pulling at lee's shirt sleeve uttering the words "we need a puppy" more than usual. she is so sweet!

and on Christmas day, we began our trek back to charlotte. 

{ps: i got these cute sunnies from forever 21 for like $5.80 so just fyi in case anyone cares}

when lee and i got back to our house, we started our tradition of opening our gifts to each other alone. we typically have always done them around family, but being this was our first christmas in the house, both of us wanted to start a little something ourselves. 

we went with just one present for each other this year as the house itself {& furnishing & decorating} was/is/will continue to be a HUGE present to each other. not to mention our new sleigh bed & bedroom set is projected to get here tomorrow!! that was another gift to each other. but since i love surprising him & vice versa, he opened up his smoker from me and i opened up a wifi camera for blogging & future wedding activity capturing! the boy knows i love some pictures.

we headed over to the walker's shortly thereafter for dinner & drinks followed by their annual game of boulder dash & burning some firewood out in lance's garage. 

we opened up even more presents that we are so grateful for and had ourselves a merry little christmas. i hope you did too! 
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