Tuesday, December 2, 2014

i don't do cold.

have you been watching the news lately? never have i ever been more happy that i don't live in buffalo. or any where above the state of north carolina! 

snow covering people's front doors & projections of 100 inches or something crazy? i just can't even imagine. 

anyway, since nc has dipped down into the cooler temperatures, these cute head wraps are a must. this one, from rivertown boutique, is my favorite! I love the little button detail & the gray contrast. check them out on instagram for other headwraps and some freakin cute clothes to layer, mix & match. 

i wore this out when i found my first true love - our Christmas tree. it was like 20 degrees out and i was against even getting out of bed. but i sucked it up & this is my first year with a tree in our home & I'm stoked! 

rivertown boutique is giving all as the wine cork turns readers 15% off their store (& this cute head wrap!) by using the code WINECORK until december 5th! and they just added all new arrivals last night so you get first dibs. 

& trust me, having first dibs on this is an awesome thing. who says cyber monday deals had to end yesterday?