Sunday, December 28, 2014

i'm ready for snow.

meanwhile in charlotte, we've been dealing with upper 50's and even weather into the 60's! it was close to 65 degrees on christmas eve! i have all these cute winter clothes and for once, i'm not complaining about how cold the temps can get down to at night. 

usually i'm a hardcore summer girl, and while those 85 degree days by the pool have a special place in my heart, i'm dying to wear my cute winter wear without feeling silly because it's totally lukewarm outside. 

i kid you not, i have gathered... um.... seven vests this season. that's right - seven. is that a problem yet? i love how they can transform a simple sweater and jack up your outfit coolness up a few notches. this white puffer beauty from three eighteen boutique did just that. i love little faux fur insert around the neck & don't get me started on the hood. 

i love hoods.

let's preface this better... i love hoods on outfits. i feel like that could be taken out of context. 

and this purse. you heard about it first here, but in case you're following along on instagram, you've been seeing a lot of it and sorry in advance; but that won't stop. 

well, it's football sunday and the papa john's guy is at the door. would you expect anything else? 

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