Monday, December 22, 2014

i'm boycotting concerts.

happy monday to you. don't you wish every morning could begin with pajamas and coffee cups that make you look awake while you pretend to be asleep? yeah. me too. 

actually some of you probably aren't like me who crawls out of bed like 30 minutes before they're supposed to hit the door, but last week on my day off enjoying coffee on the couch was exactly the perfect start. 

work also had a holiday tacky day where i actually got to wear leggings to work. leggings, y'all. aka pajamas. seeing a pajama trend? i am. i stole this home alone sweater of lee's, which is about 3 sizes to big for me, rolled up the sleeves and threw on a festive red striped shirt underneath. hands down the comfiest work outfit to date (with the exception of days i work from home which means.... you guessed it.... pajamas).

i was off thursday and friday so naturally that means shopping. for some reason christmas shopping always turns into amanda shopping because i fell in love with that fuschia bow bag below that kept screaming my name every time i tried to walk away. hey, when it's love, why fight it? then i drove up to concord to visit a house store that has everything you would ever need to decorate and never wanted to leave.

how gorgeous is that bathroom chest? lee and i made a rule to be together when making furniture purchases, so i refrained, but snagged a picture to head on back to buy that beauty. i scored a ton of other decor items for those massive built in bookshelves of ours. 

oh hey, $600 later. 

the way i see it is we have to decorate sooner or later. and as long as my fiance doesn't want to ring my neck, then i'm cool.

friday, we headed up to raleigh! 

we meet up with my college girlfriend, corey, and her husband, adam, to go see yelawolf in concert. 

haven't heard of him? no big. i know like three songs, chorus only. but his music has some awesome beats so i just danced around to that. ....before i almost died.

i have a story for y'all. concerts like this require standing room venues only usually and there were two very large ladies standing in front of us. corey accidently dropped her drink which lead to the large lady turning around and legit shoving me across to land on a staircase. um ow. she then proceeded to try and swing at me, luckily lee didn't let her. (mom, don't read this part & freak out and call me. i'm good; i promise.) security came running and grabbed her; meanwhile she is still swinging at me. i am straight up white girl mode with my hands in the air, tearing up, surrendering, & mouthing i didn't do anything!  so yeah. i may hold off on the concerts for a while. 

and then adam almost got eaten by a bear!

kidding. but that's funny right there. how perfectly placed he is in front of the bear on the wall with his mouth open... i died laughing. so a picture was a must. don't you love finding goodies on your camera roll the next day?

saturday night, back in charlotte, we attended the annual johnson family christmas party that i went to, with lee, for the 2nd year. apparently as a teenager, lee wasn't invited to this party per say, but always showed up anyway. classy. so now we just make it a tradition to go. and we actually got an invite this year! 

ps: this picture makes me smile in a lot of ways, but one being that my hair looks crazy long. you have no idea how long i've wanted my hair to look long considering about two and half years ago, most of it broke off about three inches from my scalp & i had to chop it all off under my chin after a horrifying experience with bleach and a bad hairdresser. 

so yeah, i'm just gonna throw a little hair party here. hope you don't mind.

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