Thursday, December 4, 2014

it was a thankful weekend.

sometimes i like awkward pictures. the ones that aren't planned and you are trying to be cute with your fiance and cheers to thanksgiving, but the actual ones you tried to plan turned out horrible and you're stuck looking at your phone thinking "gah. which one am i gonna instagram?" anybody feel me on this? 

that's pretty much what happened in the picture above and i threw in a hashtag (#awkwardpicsrule) to make it less awkward, but i'm not convinced that worked.

anyway, we had thanksgiving at the walkers again this year, as my family was out of town again. i quickly realized, as we were going around the table all saying things that we're blessed with, that i'm thankful so for many things this year. including the idea to wear leggings to dinner. 

best. idea. ever.

on friday, we headed to hickory for the night to see my maid of honor, danielle, and tear up the town. and that we did. after this random girl got boo-ed off stage for singing miranda lambert's "the house that built me" for karaoke....

side note: why would you choose this song? this girl was straight up boo-hooing while singing/speaking the words. anyway.

we took the stage and killed the basic white girl's anthem - don't stop believin'. even journey would've been impressed. of course i went all taylor swift on it, throwing my head back blaring out the lyrics, pretending like my performance mattered. 

i'm glad i have friends that love me. 

on saturday, we trekked back to charlotte to prep ourselves for cole swindell that night! i have been looking forward to this show since i saw him announce his tour via twiiter. i am obsessed with that hat wearin, bearded little man. so the afternoon started a little something like this...

and this...

lee made his kabobs again and i tried a new broccoli bites recipe. i'm always making some kinda crazy mess in the kitchen. they turned out pretty good - basically glorified broccoli and cheese bites. but isn't that a pretty plate?

so yes. the concert. we were straight up in the back of the bus. the caboose. the end of the line. 

we got to coyote joe's pretty late (cole didn't come on until 11pm!), and by that time the only spots left were in the nosebleeds. lee got this picture by hold his hands in the air and the only glimpse i got of cole was his hate bee-bobing back and forth across the stage. 


until next time. 

but then, on sunday, we finally started tackling this.

having a two story living room means unlimited possibilities for the size of your tree. but we ended up deciding to move the tree under the catwalk of the house so it could be a classy place downstairs and a party scene upstairs. 

it's our first tree in our new home and if it were up to me, i'd never leave the house again. 

only eight thousand more things to do to make his house a home, but we're finally ordering our new bedroom set today and i am stoked! we just ordered our baby of a 60 inch tv to mount over the fire place later this week. the two combined are basically our christmas present to each other, minus one other little present i'm getting for lee. 

homeowners: sheesh! how on earth do you stay on track with one project at a time? i feel so unorganized and want everything to be set right now! 

speaking up - a new couch.
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