Friday, December 12, 2014


are you drooling yet? luxe statements has some amazing designs and i can attest for that. this necklaces reminds me of something straight out of a j. crew magazine. i love the darker stones which stands out from your standard crystal statement necklace. 

i wore this look bowling last weekend with our friends and here lately, charlotte has been freezing! i'm not complaining though. i was well over the 80 degree weather at the beginning of august! i would ideally like to enclose the world in a beach ball and heat the whole thing at a solid 72 degrees, but we all know that's impossible. so when i put together this vest, faux fur boots (let me repeat: faux. fur. boots!!! and for only $40!) & checkered chambray, the suzy statement pretty much slapped me in the face screaming wear me! 

not only do they have statement pieces, but i am dying to have these earrings and this bracelet in my stocking. hey ma! read this!! 

it's friday and one of my bridesmaids is coming to stay with us tonight. we're grilling steaks and making mashed potatoes (my favorite food; seriously) and drinking too much wine in pajamas. sounds like optimal friday night to me.

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