Wednesday, December 10, 2014

wedding wednesday: our wedding colors.

i've really been contemplating whether or not i'm sharing too much about the wedding on the blog. but at the end of the day, it's my blog and i can write about what i want, right? plus our day will be so special, that it may or may not be exactly like what i'm brainstorming here. to be fair, i have changed my mind three times on what the accent color would be. 

but here i am - pretty certain on what we're doing.

years ago, if you would've asked me this same question - my answer would've been this:

Get A Fantastic Purple Wedding!

however, my personal style has changed so much since i was 21 thinking about getting married and having 2 kids by 25. what was i thinking! looking back that so wouldn't have worked for me. 

now any kind of deep shiny color (think emeralds, purples, blues, turquoise) just isn't my vision. 

when i think of our wedding colors only one word comes to mind: romantic. think light. think whimsical. think blushes, light lavenders, light taupe, light gray, off whites and all of that girly kinda stuff that lee is solely trusting on me creating. of course this is our wedding and i want him to love the look, but when i mentioned pink to him, he immediately vetoed the whole idea saying no. no. no no no. but once i showed him that i wasn't trying to make our wedding look like barbies dream wedding threw up everywhere, he was on board. and actually loved it.

here are a few things, via pinterest, that i'm drawing for inspiration.

wow...these are my i love pinterest! blush pink, grey, and taupe
beautiful blush pink bridesmaid's dress & wedding invite / Christie Graham Photography
Pearl Wedding Ideas & Inspiration see more at
wedding flower bouquet, bridal bouquet, wedding flowers, add pic source on comment and we will update it. can create this beautiful wedding flower look.
pretty centerpiece

i am straight drooling all over my computer screen. this screams dusty rose, romantic, light, airy ... can you describe your wedding as airy? someone please tell me airy makes sense here. 

these colors look beautiful on chiffon fabrics which is what the bridesmaids will be wearing, in a range of colors similar to the below. 

Pastel Pink Bridesmaids Dresses | photo KT Merry

i started this process wanting all the same colors. that changed to having two colors. and now my mind has changed to have all different shades on all 4 bridesmaids. the groomsmen will not be wearing suit jackets; just vests. i wanted lee to be the only one in a suit and he loved the idea too. or so he tells me. i think this really embraces the laid back fun feel we're trying to create. what do you think?

have any of you married bloggers had experience in matching colors in bridesmaid dresses? any pointers? what do you think about our color palette? 

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