Monday, December 8, 2014

yes to the dress!

i am fully obsessed with taking pictures of my drinks with the christmas tree. friday night, we stayed in and i furthered my love for staying on the couch watching movies instead of fighting a huge line at bars both nights of the weekend. am I growing up? 

so now to the day I have been waiting for. I said yes to the dress!! and no - that's not actually my dress in that bag haha! it was for picture purposes only because I'm lame like that.

I always knew I would be so picky about my gown but I knew the exact vision I wanted in my head. I found this dress about a month and a half ago at j majors bridal boutique, but had to have my mom come down and see it for herself. 

I didn't think I would have the whole "crying" bridal moment, but I did tear up. and now I have shown everybody my dress. oops. I mean walking around being like do you wanna see?? tell me that's not bad luck? 

that night we took my parents to eat at cajun queen - where we will have our rehearsal dinner. amazing food. I told lee so long ago that I wanted a year long engagement and now I wish it would hurry and get here. but then again, I know I need to start tackling the guest list. married people- how do you narrow it down? help. 

anyway, I won't lie. I thought I would be so weird about not showing anyone the dress, but as long as lee doesn't see, I'm set. I cannot wait to wear it in august!! 

and every weekend there after sitting on my couch eating wedding cake & watching our wedding video. 

sunday was spent relaxing in a onesie & a mimosa. what kind of style is your favorite wedding gown? 

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