Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 goals.

after reviewing those three pictures i took on nye, this is the only one worthy of publishing. this year, we went to the annual party at taylor & sean's where about 35-40 people gather in their awesome basement to toast to the new year. somehow i always manage to videotape some of the evening. last year, i walked around like a live tv reporter going up to people asking what they're most thankful for. 

who does that? 

this year, i just recorded the final three seconds of the countdown and our new years eve kiss; something i would never publish, but for some reason at that moment it made perfect sense. 

before we went over to the party, we cooked. don't we always? i was checking out my instagram today and seriously 70% of my photos are food. oops.

so fast forward a few nights to last night when we got together with everyone again for a southern new years tradition. 

pork for progression
tomatoes for love
greens for money
black eyed peas for luck
cornbread for gold

it turns out my prediction was correct - i hate greens; specifically collards. the kale chips i could eat everyday, however. who came up with this idea and food to represent luck, love, progression, etc? columbus? i will admit i'm not a big cornbread fan, but the version that taylor made was awesome. her secret is adding sour cream to the batter! i had two pieces! 

do you have any silly traditions you do for the new year?

ah yes, isn't that sweet? lee brought home 'just because' flowers for me the other day. i can't believe it's the year we get married! speaking of the new year, i have a few goals for 2015. 

- become a better blogger. i have this cool camera now that i want to use more. i enjoy posting about our life, things we do, and the occasional style post.
- learn to say no. i struggle with this. a lot. 
- stay dedicated to my gym routine. i want to go at least three times a week which is totally doable considering my gym is literally across the street from my office.
- realize that this house won't be perfect all at one time. i find myself going house crazy; planning and searching for what we need to buy next. we're pretty smart with how we manage finances, but a girl can dream right? 
- start doing crafts for the wedding. sheesh; i really need to get on this.

do you have any 2015 goals?

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