Monday, January 19, 2015

a mosh posh of the weekend.

a long three day weekend was much needed today and especially after last night's packers loss. but more on that later. to kick off charlotte restaurant week, lee and i hate date night on friday night at blue in uptown charlotte. 

the appetizers, entree, and dessert was fantastic. we had lamb sliders, risotto balls, short rib, steak, & greens. their sticky toffee pudding actually won over the creme brulee, but there's a whole other reason why this date was one to remember. 

lee and i were enjoying the last bit of our meal as a bus boy walked by our table with a ton of dishes. his upper thigh snagged the corner of our table catapulting lee's long island iced tea and water all into his lap. he was drenched! he reacted a lot better than i would have! he shook it off, wiped off his jeans and sweater from what was not already soaked up.

our waiter was a complete class act with the accident. another long island iced tea was placed in front of lee as well as another glass of my sauvignon blanc. my wine didn't even spill! so thanks for the freebies. lee joked that he should get spilled on more often.

saturday we woke up around 8 am and did a nice clean of the house. we still don't have a vacuum so thankfully the whole downstairs of our home is hardwood. i swept and lee scrubbed.  

speaking of scrubbing, i noticed when we moved in that there were some scuffs on the walls. these quick erasers are seriously magic! i took to the walls and just about all of the scuffs are gone. the erasers basically disintegrate when you use them, but i am in love! you know you're getting old when you love cleaning products. 

on sunday, we celebrated miss katie! her bridal shower was located at the beautiful charlotte country club where she got tons of amazing gifts! the bride to be looked gorgeous and it got all of us girls even more excited to head to NOLA for katie's bachelorette at the beginning of march! 

isn't that room to die for? between the ceilings and fireplace - it was a beautiful shower. 

and sunday night this extra grain-y picture happened.

the packers fell short to the seahawks. honestly, i couldn't believe it. their defense really showed up for the game and i sat with a blanket over my head for ten minutes after the game. lee was heartbroken and i may have cried. 

ok i did cry.

but i cry over everything. so that excuses it right?

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