Friday, January 9, 2015

chicken tortellini soup.

i posted this lovely picture on my instagram the other day and the world went wild. 

speaking of instagram, in light of me now doing this cool thing known as "blogging for me," i don't think i'm going to be posting on the ol' blog @asthewinecorkturns insta anymore. for 1. having two accounts is super annoying. 2. that long name really bothered me. @agcrute is much more simpler.

anyway, last weekend i was texting with danielle and she told me about a chicken tortellini soup she was making and it sounded like something i wanted to do on a sunday while lee drowned in hours of football. it was her co-worker's grandmothers recipe that she sent which included celery and carrots - ya know, normal stuff that goes in soup.

i have no doubt that the handwritten paper version isn't amazing, but i'm not huge on celery or carrots that are boiled {give me raw carrots and i'll eat them all day}. so i went through the pantry and got to work. it turned out amazing, required minimal effort, and lee even liked it despite the whole time saying amanda, i don't know about that. 

however, i recommend having it to feed a lot of people because the leftovers are doo-doo the next day.

amanda's version of chicken tortellini soup/what i found in my fridge

- 1.5 lbs of frozen chicken; thawed; sliced into bites & pan cooked (you can use canned chicken, but that stuff isn't my jam)
- onion
- mushrooms (i love some cooked mushrooms in chicken broth!)
- can of corn
- can of stewed tomatoes
- asparagus (as much or little or none as you want)
- ton of spinach
- frozen tortellini (cooked separately)
- 1 quart (is it a quart?) of swanson low sodium chicken broth
- salt, pepper, basil, oregano or whatever your favorite spices are - to taste

1. i began by cooking my chicken bites and tortellini at once & set them aside. 
2. i sauteed (in a little bit of evoo) the onion, asparagus, & mushrooms until done; which takes about 5 minutes.
3. i put them into a big pot to simmer, and poured in the tomatoes (with the juice) and the corn (without the juice) and brought to another simmer. 
4. i added in the broth, cooked chicken, and cooked tortellini and brought that to a roaring boil.
5. i like spinach. a lot. so i loaded that baby up with spinach mainly because you can have a pound of spinach and it cooks down to the size of a dime. add what you'd like and let it cook down. 
6. season with your medley of seasonings. but not too much salt because chicken broth (even the low sodium kind) has tons of salt. like the ocean.

you can tell i experiment a lot in the kitchen with my precise ingredient measures. just wing it. and i just want to reiterate again, that this doesn't reheat well. at least to me anyway. i took it to work the next day and had to throw it out and get a grilled cheese from the local food truck. but it was dang good & toasty the night it was made.

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