Wednesday, January 14, 2015

scenes from the week(end).

i say "week(end)" like that because it's now wednesday and i'm just getting around to chatting about last weekend. taylor & dustin came to our house on saturday morning and we went and grabbed lunch at my new obsession: bakersfield. an authentic, mexican street style vibe and guacamole that has crack in it is what you'll find at this place.

clearly i'm kidding about the crack. i think. 

just know that it's hands down the best guac i have ever had. i also may have went twice last week. after eating so fast that we didn't even take pictures of it, we headed over to vbgb to play some life size games and drink really good beer. the mention of "lifesize games" excites me more than the average 26 year old and i'm pretty certain taylor feels the same way.

life size jenga, life size connect four, life size cornhole (even though that is already life size, but i had to continue with the trend). i tried a jalapeno beer by birdsong brewery and it was life changing. we ended the night by watching the panthers lose (enter sad face) and playing cards against humanity. 

if you've played that game, you know why i can't post my hilarious cards.

sunday was game day number two and lee and i prepped for the packers to take on dallas. talk about tension in our house. holy anxiety. we were on edge the whole game, yelling, screaming, and going some kind of crazy. the packers defeated the cowboys and i've never been more happy. now it's on to seattle! to celebrate a little packers win, i found this gem of lee circa 9th grade? he's going to kill me, but at least i can die laughing.

are you done laughing yet? because i'm not. i mean he is decked out in packers gear. i'd say i did a pretty good job for his birthday by taking him to green bay this past november.

and last night, we saw sam hunt.

and jerrod neimann.

coyote joes was doing an "unplugged" session with sam, jerrod, and the swon brothers, who were on the voice. no band, just the men and their guitars singing their popular songs all acoustic like. when i say girls went nuts over sam, that doesn't even begin to explain it. every one of them (including myself) was going bananas. 

i ended up with some 100 pictures on my phone that were way too blurry and videos where you couldn't even hear sam singing because i was singing too loud. i make this mistake at every single concert and never learn from it. tickets were only $7 and i couldn't be more happy that today was a day i'm working from home.

and finally, my second rocksbox came. 

inside was this gorgeous urban gem lorena deco necklace, a gorjana teagan cuff, and these amazing loren hope margot earrings. 

this was a great box. although i can't fathom buying these earrings for $112 (and that's discounted via rocksbox), but renting and wearing them for date night on friday? absolutely. 

rocksbox is also offering new users a free month using the code: amandaxoxo. so y'all should use it if you want expensive jewels to show up in your mailbox. i'm kinda diggin' it. 

now back to staring at all my blurry photos of sam hunt.... or maybe that picture up there of lee. 
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