Sunday, January 4, 2015

tunics rock my world.

oh hi 2015! i hope each of you had a fabulous new years eve. we were having so much fun, i only captured about three photos from the night & one really hilarious video of the countdown. but more on nye and our weekend later.

but more on this super warm and comfy tunic sweater outfit from fabulous finds boutique! i'm not gonna lie - i saw a quote on instagram that said "how to put on jeans: put on leggings." how much truth is in that statement? i'm really strange about jeans; i don't like wearing them on long car rides or if we're just hanging around with friends watching football and such. this tunic covers my bottom half so i'm not one of those people that other people point and laugh at. 

i've worn this a few other times and love the versatility of mixing and matching. pair it with a striped vest, dark jeans, and riding boots too! we were stepping out to go to a friends house to break in 2015 traditions of eating collard greens and other stuff you only eat once a year. check back for my weekend recap for more on that. hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!
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