Friday, January 23, 2015

we got swoozied.

so i don't know if i've mentioned it yet, but over the holiday one of my bridesmaids, allyson, got engaged to her love, chris! they are getting married on 10/17 and i was ecstatic when she let me know i will be a bridesmaid in hers! 

so what happens when you have two bride/bridesmaid combos enter into wedding planning mode at the same time? you attack & conquer. and basically go to any and every wedding event you can because you only get to do this once.  so when swoozies of charlotte hosted a bridal event, we knew we had to go.

and then we fell in love.

swoozies had vendors ranging from stationary to cupcakes to photo booths to spray tans to waxing. and gigi's champagne cupcake was the best cupcake i have ever had in my life. 

and of course, enter their kate spade collection.

we never wanted to leave the store! 

the vendors were raffling off prizes and i didn't win one... i won two! i won an amazing pound cake from takes the cake & $50 towards personalized napkins for the wedding from swoozies! 

for those who don't know, my future last name is walker, so i'm thinking that will be a good place to throw in our wedding hashtag - #walkertothealter. what do y'all think?

we also got to take home a selfie stick and i don't know why, but i am just as excited about that. 

i am so glad that allyson and i get to experience this together. as an amazing friend of mine for many years, this has been so fun so far and it always helps to have someone who understands the crazy side of wedding planning. 

a few months after we got engaged, i had nailed down all the big stuff, and then had nothing to do. i kept thinking man, wedding planning is a breeze. uh, no. here we are around 7 months out (as of next thursday!), and i'm definitely seeing that is not the case! although it's super fun and i plan on not being a bridezilla, there is definitely a vision in my head and i can't wait to see it come to life.

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