Wednesday, January 7, 2015

why i blogged about being a better blogger & why i'm not gonna be.

when i used to think of "a good blogger," i would think of a couple of things, but mostly i think of the normal. what's considered to be "what every one else is doing." which is definitely more than i want to name right now, but one definite thing is blogging every day. or hell, blogging 4-5 days a week. blogging about why pineapples are trending right now or whatever in the world that comes to mind just because i feel the need to post every day. and looking back on that statement, i guess i never was totally normal, because i don't have time to blog every day.

i have a sometimes demanding and fast-pace moving job in the corporate meeting & event management world. i work about 45 hours a week; which is so typical (and for that i'm grateful). but, i am also planning our dream wedding.  and we just bought a house. and a movie on the couch at night sometimes verses typing on my computer screen seems way cooler.

that little paragraph alone just reassured me i'm making sense to myself. 

i feel like blogging can sometimes come across like "let me show the world just how perfect my life is." and i think i started to let that get to my head. 

key word: started.

i am so blessed, but my life is far from perfect. and i sure as heck don't want to pretend that it is - just for the internet's sake. 

i love reading other people's blogs. the real people. the ones who blog about their weekends and this new cool recipe/restaurant they found or what they did on a random tuesday after yoga. some of my favorite blogs are the straight up real ones. the ones that confess they didn't make their 2014 goals (by a long shot), the ones that tell me the story about the battle of the laundry detergents, the ones that blog about their puppy throwing up in the back seat of their car, or the ones about a dinner that they had to throw away because the dog wouldn't even eat it. ya know, life. 

and i still do love it when bloggers post cute outfits and i can easily click a link that takes me to the website where i can purchase if i so feel the need. i love style posts; always have. and sometimes i still enjoy doing them. you actually should've seen my "style" like 5 years ago. yikes. thank goodness for re-inventing yourself.

which is kind of what i want to do here. i'm going to keep blogging. i could never give this up. i have met so many cool cyber friends and would feel like i'm missing out by not reading about what's going on in their life. so now i'll be coming at'cha about 2-3 solid times a week while drinking my wine and typing away on the keyboard. but i'm going to do it for me. and not some norm that i feel like i need to follow. if something cool happens, i'll want to blog it. as we finish the house in the next year or so, i'll want to blog it. wedding stuff..... come on really? of course i'll want to blog it. but i'm not gonna blog because i feel like i have to. and i'm not going to blog 7 days a week because i'm not a "good" blogger if i don't. 

i think that's why i've kind of felt the need to shy away from my little corner on the world wide web here recently. it began to feel like a chore. ain't nobody got time for that. i have 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room to clean. that's enough of a chore for me. 

so this is me saying peace out to being a "better blogger."

this is me saying hello to blogging for me. and occasionally the great things in my life.

and the screw ups. 

ps: i made shrimp kabobs two weeks ago and it was the worst thing i have ever cooked. in my life.

and i rolled a big chunk of my hair in my car window the other day. it hurt.

the little bs "about me" caption under my blog picture to the right up there bothers the crap out of me, but html is basically chinese to me, so i don't know how to change it. nor do i want to spend money for someone else to do it.

i have a twice-a-day dance party to 'blank space' on the way to and from work. 

i bought $40 foundation from sephora the other day and hate it. it's horrible. don't tell lee.

i hung curtains in our guest bedroom and they are at least 2 feet too short. 

oh, and i didn't curl my hair for this picture above. on purpose.  

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  1. Love you and your blog just the way you are!!!! Here's to more wine and less forced posting!! Cheers!!

  2. Hahah I love this. I will always read and this may have been my fav ( except for the Peery wedding one, but hey I'm partial.. The grooms hot!

    Corey :)

  3. I tried to cook lamb chops last week and they tasted so bad not even my dog would touch them. Glad to see I'm not alone in the world of always feeling forced to keep up with the bloggers who post every day! This post is my favorite! You rock!

  4. Love love love this! I sometimes struggle with this as well, and have to hit the re-set button. Bloggers are so much more likable/relatable when they're real. I can't tell you how many Pinterest fails I've had and overspent at Sephora and then hated the product(s) everyone has been raving about :-P

  5. Love how real you are! Sephora usually will let you bring back products to trade out for another if you didn't like it, just a heads up :)

  6. I loved this post. Blogging can be so competitive and makes you want to post daily because another blogger does and you don't want them to gain more followers than you! Ugh it's exhausting. My favorite blogs are real people like you talking about real stuff. I don't read any "big timer blogs" because they aren't relatable. And I really can't stand when bloggers think they're too big for their britches, and they aren't, and never respond to a comment or come and comment on your blog, so rude. I always have to remind myself, you have a full time job, you aren't trying to make a career our of blogging so don't make it a second job. It should be fun and as soon as it starts getting, stressful, it's time to back off.
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. I love this times a million trillion!!!!!!
    Blogging used to be much more enjoyable, but lately it's all the same things over and over. It gets old quite fast.

  8. This made my day. LOVE your realness...that makes you an awesome blogger :)

  9. Girl, you do YOU! Blog only when you want about what you want. It's truly so much more enjoyable when you remove any and all pressure from yourself. I only blog a couple times a week now and I've felt for the last several months I've finally found my balance, because I really enjoy blogging and the friends I've made. Working full time plus running your home and trying to blog all the time is too much! I always enjoy you and your blog :)

  10. One of the reasons why Sephora is my happy place is because they will let you return or exchange damn near anything!

  11. LOVE THIS POST. Seriously, everything you said was so true. Blogging can be a crazy time suck and it's so easy to get caught up in what others have or how perfect their life seems. Cheers to blogging for you - and to wine of course!

  12. Preach girlfriend! Keep on being your awesome self!!! Can't wait to see what the future had a fantastic 2014 and 2015 is going to be EVEN BETTER! Cheers!
    xo |

  13. You go girl! I feel you on this. Ain't nobody got time for that fake ish! :) xoxo

  14. Great post, I agree with the path you want to take :)

  15. I totally quit following a shit load of blogs because they were brag spots and that's not cool. I don't care that you can buy an overpriced outfit when I'm here clipping damn coupons to make the grocery budget work. Love ya. Go on girl.

  16. Love this post. this is what blogging should be about. You. if you blogged for others you wouldn't enjoy it and it wouldn't be you and your life. write whenever and about whatever you want and the real followers/readers will read and enjoy your journey just as much as you enjoy theirs. philosophy over. i'm sorry about your hair and the door. happened to me once last year and it hurt way too much to describe it here.


  17. Love this post! I always say that I blog about my life, I don't live to blog...and it is always the "real" bloggers that resonate most with me!


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